Friday, December 11, 2009

Life & Style is a Legit News Source

As you've now heard, Ben Crane and a golfer by the name of Charles Warren came out on Thursday blasting Tiger Woods for being everything short of a communist to a magazine named Life & Style.

According to Wikipedia (see how I use another legit news source to dog the prior one!), Life & Style is, "an American celebrity gossip magazine, launched in 2004 by the Bauer publishing conglomerate.

Although it is celebrity-focused, the magazine is geared towards lifestyle trends, and bills itself on "helping readers incorporate" celebrity beauty, clothing and body trends into their own lifestyle."

What that forgot to say was, "golfing enthusiasts that know a ton about the PGA Tour and the players that are a part of it" because it appears neither golfer ever talked to the magazine and whoever was reporting the story basically asked two random strangers about Tiger Woods and got quotes and then linked whoever these two people were with professional golfer names.

Ben Crane is quoted as saying Woods is a "phony and a fake." Crane tells The Associated Press he was never at PGA Tour qualifying school last week, where the interview was to have taken place, and he has not spoken about Woods' situation.

Charles Warren, whom the magazine quoted as saying Woods' wife should leave him, says he never spoke to the publication.

Life & Style says a freelance reporter spoke to two players who identified themselves as Crane and Warren.

See, this is why American journalism is so awesome. I'll give you a for instance. Say I wanted the world to know that I, Shane Bacon, was dating the one Megan Fox. Here is what I'd do. I'd call Life & Style and do a girly voice, claiming to be Megan Fox. After the lucky reporter picked up the dropped phone from getting such an incredible scoop, she'd ask what was up. I'd say, "Oh, not much, just had some personal knowledge I'd like to pass along," like every celebrity loves to do when talking to gossip magazines. The reporter, stumbling over her own feet to get a pad of paper and a recorder, would ask what she needed to get off her breasts chest.

I would then answer, in my girly Megan voice, "I'm in love with Shane Bacon, the blogger."


See, now I'm famous. I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner. Life & Style is going to make me the big bucks! I can see it now!

(Also, can't mention Life & Style without mentioning the e-mail they sent Daulerio at Deadspin yesterday. Stay hot, L&S.)


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