Thursday, December 17, 2009


Mr. Geoff Shackelford posted this interesting quote today by FAMILY MAN Phil Mickelson about all the possibly equipment changes and what he sees wrong with the ideas.

Here is what Lefty told Golf Digest ...

I believe it is our job to entertain, and it is difficult to do things others can't when we roll back equipment rules. If we play with a golf ball that is 10 percent rolled back and we used to hit it 300 yards, now we're hitting it 270 yards. Well, fans that come to a tour event are not going to be impressed by that. It is detrimental to the PGA Tour that we will no longer be able to hit those shots around the green that we were able to in the past -- the shots people pay to see.

Personally, I think Mickelson is spot on, even though there is a wrinkle to all of this that we are starting to see. Basically, in all sports, not golf in particular, the athletes have become so superior to what we used to see, that the old school rules are basically outdated. It is similar to having neighborhood speed limits stay at 30. That speed was mandated years ago, when cars weren't nearly as sophisticated as they are now, and people needed to keep the speed low for reactionary situations. Now, with the new braking systems and such in cars, neighborhoods could beef up speed limits to 45 or 50 and it would be the same as 30 in the old days, but they don't.

It is like basketball goals at 10 feet. Back in the day, 10 feet was fine, but these guys can jump out of the gym. With that said, raising the goal would only make the games less entertaining, since fewer of the athletes could thrown down on a 11 or 12 foot goal.

That is the same with golf. You go to watch pro golf because they are better at everything. They hit the ball further, they toss irons in close and they make a lot of low numbers. Scaling back the ball is only going to take away from that.

No matter what you say about sports, at the end of the day it is about entertainment. Phil is spot-on here with his assessment. Your thoughts?


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