Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tiger Woods, Driving Ranges, Cartoons and Cereal

For golfers, meditation is done in the dirt. When times get tough, normally we spend our time beating golf balls, mainly because it gives us a chance to clear our head and focus on something that, like life, isn't completely attainable. Golf's a bitch, just like life, yet we still play the game.

According to a report by, and I wish there was a code to make font really, really small, US Weekly, Tiger is spending his time at the range, working on his game at night as not to be bothered. It might seem a bit odd until you realize that going out of the house is probably an enormous decision for Tiger, so being somewhere with the least amount of fanfare is best for Woods at this time.

Along with the news that he is grinding on his game, the story also says that Tiger is spending time inside his house, eating cereal and watching cartoons, an act that some friends, and I quote, think is "very unhealthy."

Since there isn't much else to report about Tiger, here is a list of the top-10 most likely cartoons Tiger is watching.

10.) Transformers
9.) Fantastic (1)4
8.) Star Blazers
7.) Rugrats
6.) Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist
5.) Josie and the Pussycats
4.) The Might Mighty Playhouse
3.) Woody Woodpecker
2.) The Powerpuff Girls
1.) Family Guy

Oh, and while we're at it. Here are the top-10 most likely cereals Tiger is munching on (pun intended).

10.) Team Cherrios
9.) Circus Fun
8.) Cream of Wheat
7.) Hidden Treasures
6.) Just Right
5.) Kaboom!
4.) Temptations French Vanilla Cereal
3.) Lucky Charms
2.) Life
1.) Trix

And yes, this is my brain, turned into mush.


Andy said...

Now that is seems he will be getting divorced and all the skank have had their 5 minutes, I hope Tiger goes into FU mode. Play 30 instead of 16 tournaments, win 80% of them, win all the ca$h, complete the Grand Slam and turn into the American Bad Ass he is. Thumb his nose to all the parasites, raise his finger to all the nay sayers and just kick the sh!t out of anyone in his way!!! Go Tiger!!!

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