Friday, December 4, 2009

The Week That Would Never End

You'll remember this week in the future. It's the week that Tiger Woods weaseled away from perfect specimen and entered our world. Where life isn't so easy and shit sucks and bills pile up and relationships are stressful.

Not only was it weird from a golf writer's perspective, but it is one of the more pressing weeks in blogosphere history. Sports, news, gossip, mainstream ... you name it, they reported on it.

So, I'd like to leave you with this before the weekend begins. It's Tiger Woods shot at the 2005 Masters. In my lifetime, it's probably the craziest and most impressive thing I've ever seen in sports. Perfect timing, perfect setting, perfect execution, and a perfect call.

I guess my point is this ... in the coming months, stuff will still be revealed about Tiger and the clouds will hang, but at the end of the day, the guy is still a PGA Tour golfer, and probably the best we will ever see. Maybe it isn't the right time to remember him for what he has done well, but enough dirt has been kicked around.

So, without further ado, in your lifeeeee have you seen anything like that?

Have a good weekend. Go Wildcats.


UglyPar said...

...and entered our world."

Nice piece, but my world doesn't involve cheating on my wife and exposing my family to this kind of thing. I'm not perfect but what this shows is that being the most successful sportsman in the past 10 years, becoming a billionaire with a beautiful wife and family still wasn't enough.

Let's get real about Tiger. We don't need to talk about what a great golfer he is. We also know about the incredible charitable work he has done. But he's also been fined countless times for bad language on the course, has refused to speak to the media when the round or final result doesn't go his way, looks as miserable as sin when the putts don't drop and hasn't played nearly enough tournaments to really support the tour in my opinion.

Has he been good for golf? Of course he has. But this latest incident has proved that he's not much of a role model. Watch Phil Mickelson become more popular than ever.

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