Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Well, This Doesn't Look So Good

Remember Thanksgiving week, when Tiger Woods was still the guy we thought he was, before all the cheating and Escalades and possible broken teeth came about?

Yeah, the week before that, Tiger did an interview with New Zealand Sky Sports, and it makes him look even more like a dog than what transpired.

Read on, loyal readers ...

Asked in the interview "family first and golf second ... always been that way?" Woods replied: "Always. Always."

He goes on to say that having a family - he has two young children with wife Elin Nordegren - "has been great, actually, the best thing that ever happened."

Hummm. I mean, at this point he was still fooling everyone into think he was this polished husband and father, so I guess answering things to that effect is the only way to do it, but boy is this going to make Mr. Woods look even worse.

Oh, and why not screw Steve Williams why we're at it.

During the interview Woods said he and Williams are "great friends".

"We talk about anything and everything together," he said.

Williams told interviewer Murray Deaker he and Woods had a relationship that was "just like a marriage really."

"The longer you go on, the more you know about one another," Williams said.

Obviously the red flag is raised here since Williams said vehemently that, "I do not have any personal knowledge of anything in the reports related to the Tiger Woods' stories."

You know, this stuff just gets crazier, but it is interviews like this that is going to make a majority of female fans hate the guy. He is balls deep in affairs, literally, and still spitting out clean-cut answers like he's a member of the Brady Bunch. I guess to continue with the analogy, the car wreck could have been the football that smashed Marcia's nose, and the rest of the landslide could have been the deleted scenes when all the kid started doing meth and pimping themselves out to the neighbors for drug money. ♫ The Bradddddy Bunch, The Braaaaaaddddy Bunchh ... ♫


Amanda said...

The evolving Tiger Woods stories are becoming a bit excessive and annoying. I would rather read about some good golf tips or something like that. At any rate, I found a golf site that hasn't talked about Tiger yet! http://www.grayfoxgolf.com/ I highly recommend it!

Anthony said...

Well Amanda, sorry to burst your bubble, but...http://www.grayfoxgolf.com/t-golf_news.aspx - more Tiger tracks! Maybe you should stop "highly" recommending it!

Shane B. said...

Amanda, trust me, I wish there was more to talk about in the golf world, but at this point it is all we got to dance to. Maybe the next month will bring us more to talk about other than Mr. Woods.

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