Thursday, January 28, 2010

Alright, Enough Already

These are John Daly's pants. These are John Daly's pants on drugs.

Thursday in San Diego, Daly woke up early, snuck into the San Diego Zoo, killed two zebras, skinned the carcasses and then wore his morning's work proudly on his legs, as he fired a 402-over 474.

Honestly, the Golf Channel showed probably 40 shots by Daly on Thursday, and the guy was playing like a dog. Someone in the production tent over there needs to Google "conflict of interest" tonight before this "showing Daly and trying to plug the show at the same time" gets completely out of hand.

Trust me, people watching golf on a Thursday know the show is coming. We don't need to see a guy fire 80 to understand that.


Justin said...

Leave John alone. He is an inspiration to white trash everywhere. Growing up in the trailer park, even when our parents were sober enough to form sentences, they knew better than to tell us BS like "we can be whatever we want" or "we could be president someday if we work hard". John is an inspiration to mullet wearing camaro drivers everywhere; because, while we cant be president, if we swing a club hard enough, someday we may be able to get loaded enough that we are kicked out of the trashy restaurant that pays us to be their sponsor.
If you think that I'm joking, I'm not. I grew up in the same town as him and it is very whiskey tango--evidenced in that his haircut isn't considered terrible in JC-MO.

Heather said...

JD had a rough round—no doubt about it. But I believe a lot of folks want to watch JD play. He has a huge fan base. Is it possible that TGC was providing the viewing audience with what they wanted?

He may have finished 7-over, but he had some par putts that were absolutely incredible. I'm glad the cameras were there to catch them.

Dexter(QuoteGuy) said...

There is just something about routing for the under dog. I think a lot of fans identify with with him because he's not perfect. And neither are any of us. People want to know that the tour players are just like them. They just happen to play golf really well.

The Golf Channel is definitely advertising for the show though. No doubt about it. Personally I like the pants. Gives the game a little flavor. At the very least, they have attracted some who would have otherwise not watched any golf at all.

Marc said...

it's natural to pull for the underdog, I would love to see JD win again. But I wish he would just stop with the I'm quitting stuff. If he could ever get his head straight.... well hopefully he does.