Wednesday, January 13, 2010

General Motors Denies Tiger Woods Free Cars

Much like you and I, Tiger Woods will now have to pay for any Cadillac or other General Motors vehicle after the agreement that Mr. Woods got free cars ended two weeks ago, for reasons I can't quite put my finger on.

Even though Woods' endorsement contract for GM's Buick brand ended in 2008, Woods had been allowed to keep several vehicles, including the Cadillac SUV and reportedly a Buick Enclave crossover, for his personal use. But the agreement that allowed the world's richest professional golfer access to those new vehicles ended Dec. 31, said Buick spokeswoman Dayna Hart. The agreement was in place before the crash.

I always have a hard time believing that this was in place before the crash. Before the crash, Tiger was the man you want pushing your product, even if you aren't paying him, so if he was driving an Escalade for free, hell, free marketing.

Now, post CheatGate, he's the last guy you want sporting your Sports Utility Vehicle, so of course you're going to try and get them out of his hands as fast as possible.

Maybe the most interesting part about this articles? The Escalade Tiger crashed is getting repaired and will be resold. Now that will be a fun Ebay auction.


courtgolf said...

Probably a dumb thought - but in this day and age when bartenders can be sued for "overserving" and some drunk gets into a wreck - is it possible that this is a CYA move by GM ? If the contract with Woods has ended, what if something were to happen with him driving one of their free cars while he wasn't under contrct ?

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