Monday, January 11, 2010

Mel Gibson Feels Tiger's Pain

Most anything Mel Gibson says at this point is incredibly ridiculous, and should never be quoted the same way I wouldn't want someone sending my mom a video tape of my freshman year of college, but Gibson talked Tiger and, well, here ya go.

'I feel sorry for Tiger Woods,' he says. 'Why are we talking about this when we're sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan? You've got this history-changing event going on and we're talking about Tiger's private life and golf injuries. He's being used as a diversion and it just drives me crazy. You come out savaged. I just think, 'Who cares?'

Probably the most interested part of this entire thing is how much Gibson sounds like commenters on major sports websites.




Okay, so maybe the last one doesn't apply, but you get the gist. Arguing that we shouldn't care about Tiger because we are sending troops to Afghanistan is, and I quote "The Hangover" here, too dumb to insult. This would only make sense if, say, it was 1951 and we only had a single news organization that got 30 minutes a night to get us all we should know. Now, if that was the case, I'd probably agree. Yep, they should spend their time with major issues.

Well, in case Mel didn't know, it isn't 1951, and we have millions of outlets that can report all sorts of things. Here, I'll give you a mini list of places you could go to get certain types of news. -- normal, everyday news -- hilarious celebrity gossip -- sports news -- Pictures of funny animals

See how easy that is? We have websites for EVERYTHING!


Roody said...


Mel Gibson = batshit.

Freedo said...

"Although I feel for Tiger, the good news is at least he's not Jewish."

love ya Mel

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