Monday, January 25, 2010

Puma Golf Keeps Improving

I recently got a pair of these new Puma Cell Fusion Golf shoes, and I'll tell you, they are as comfortable as anything I've put on my feet in the last couple of years.

I'll be honest, I've always been partial to Nike golf kicks, but I wore these out for the first time walking and it was an absolute treat.

Also, they're one of the few pairs of golf shoes I've ever worn that received compliments and "Whoa, those are cool," love from golfers I didn't even know, but I'd like to think that is because I wear them so gracefully.

Go get a pair, and at least look good while posting that fourth 103 in a row.


Roody said...

I used to be partial to Nike golf attire and shoes myself. In the past year though, I've found myself favoring Adidas gear. And a year ago, I don't think Puma would have been on my radar screen. I may take a second look at some of their stuff next time the need hits though.

Greg D'Andrea said...

Wow, those are pretty cool...and like you I've mostly owned Nike golf shoes. But if you say they are comfortable, then I think I've just found my new shoes for the new season. Thanks!