Monday, January 18, 2010

R.W. Eaks is Kind of a Dick

Last week, I was hitting golf balls at my local range when a kid approached me and we started chatting it up. Where did the conversation turn to? No, not Tiger Woods. It was a groove convo, and the kid brought up something that I hadn't really thought of before.

If you try to Monday qualify for something, you're going to have to get new wedges. Not really a cheap investment, by any means.

Well, a few days after our convo, this incredible story comes out, about 24-year-old Aaron Goldberg and 57-year-old cranky pants R.W. Eaks.

Goldberg, who played at San Diego State, shot a salty 63 in the Monday qualifier for the Sony Open, winning the tournament and placing him in the first full field tournament of the year. I guess that pissed off Eaks, who wasn't too shabby in just 65 strokes, but felt he had something to teach the youngster. Or he's just a dick. One of the two.

Eaks, who didn't even play the qualifier with Goldberg, asked tour officials to review the kid's grooves, which they did, and they passed, because he isn't an idiot.

"I knew they were getting checked," he said after shooting an even-par 70 in the third round at Waialae Country Club to remain one-over-par in his first Tour start, well before the last pairing of Ryan Palmer and Robert Allenby teed off. "But I thought that everyone was getting checked. I didn't know until Tuesday that I was the only one."

It appears Eaks didn't have any concrete evidence to back his groove claim on Goldberg, but did it just because. Maybe the best part of the entire story is that Eaks lost in a playoff for a spot in the Sony Open, making it Karma - 1, Old Cranky Assholes - 0.


Anonymous said...

I just played a round of golf with Mr. Eakes and he could not have been more pleasant. We had one beginner in our group and he was very conversational and helpful with him. He was very even tempered throughout the round and was a lot of fun. Definitely not a cranky old asshole.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I know Mr Eaks personally and he is far, far, far more accommodating & one of the best Professionals that has or will ever play the tour. He will go out of his way to visit with anyone. By the way since you didn't have the nerve to post your full name after making your comment then I'd say the real "D" is you.
Eldon Epperly, PGA