Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sergio Garcia Knows a Lot About Dealing With Marriage Problems

Remember back in May of 2009, when Sergio Garcia blamed his recent golf slump on his broken heart, saying, "I haven't been hitting the ball well. I think it's been a mix of probably being a little bit down and not really feeling like playing much"?

Well, Dr. Garcia, with her his certificate in love instruction, was back on the prowl when talking about Tiger Woods and his hiatus from the golf world, saying he thinks the top player in the game will be back sooner than most think.

"The best thing for Tiger at the moment is to get on the course and do what he knows best," said Garcia. "Only he knows when he is going to come back. I have got the feeling that it's going to be earlier that what everybody thinks."

Hum. See, this is why I love journalism. Most major news sites have this article with the title, "Sergio Garcia Thinks Tiger Will Be Back Sooner Than Later." The problem with that is, he doesn't really say that. He says he has a feeling, but he also admits that "only he knows when he is going to come back," basically the abridged version of "I don't know what the F I'm talking about."

Then, Professor Garcia dropped this gem.

"I think he (Woods) is very strong mentally and it's not like the break he had for injury a couple of years back when he had the knee problem," Garcia said. "If you can't walk you can't swing. It's different."

Things we learned from that quote ...

-- If you can't walk you can't swing
-- Not being able to walk and not being able to swing are different than cheating on our wife with 16 different females and crashing your Escalade
-- Woods is very strong mentally
-- The knee problem is different than infidelity

Basically, Garcia could have said the exact same thing we all said. Who the hell knows when this guy is returning? Nobody has seen him in nearly two months!

I'm fairly certain Garcia isn't good buddies with Tiger, so take these quotes like you take your whiskey. Watered down with ice.


Matt said...

Funny Post. I agree that Professor Garcia doesn't know what the f he is talking about.

Every player that speculates or even says one sentence about Tiger is turned into a major headline on sites like Golf.com.

Also, just about every person on earth predicts Tiger will be back this spring, which is soon.


Alicia said...

Serg, what the hell?

Also, I saw Tiger this weekend in Austin on 6th Street. He looked good after his plastic surgery.

courtgolf said...

Maybe not marital problems - but definitely chick problems. The poor guy lost out on a chance to marry into that big Norman fortune. Pretty depressing. Now he's left with the cougar at the pool and flicking paper balls into her navel.

Anonymous said...

Burt is the greatest!!!

-Warmest regards

Anonymous said...

Fernando ftw...

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