Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This Just In -- A 20-Something Famous Person May Have Done Drugs!!

In a piece by the National Enquirer, a cart girl (Ed Note: Working at a golf course before, if there is one person you can trust through and through, it's the cart girls) claimed she hung out with Tiger Woods in 1999 and did some ecstasy with him.

It is almost like Tiger is .... human! He was single, went out with a girl and did some drugs. Maybe we should bound him to the Lincoln Memorial and cast stones at the man until we right of him of such a disgusting act.

“Tiger and I were partying in Studio 54 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas when we did Ecstasy together," said Susie Ogren.

To be honest, the only thing I see wrong with this entire story is the fact that Tiger was partying at Studio 54 in Las Vegas! Listen, I barely have any money at all, and I don't go to Studio 54. I'd rather be in Reno.

She went on to say Tiger " took the pill so casually that it seemed to me he was used to doing it," which makes a ton of sense until you realize that ecstasy pills are exactly like any other pill you've ever taken in your life. It isn't like he had to swallow a Rubik's Cube to get high. This is a small pill you knock back with a drink. Oh Tiger, the pill virtuoso!!

I mean, he cheated and that was messed up, yada yada yada. But find me a man in his 20s that has millions of bucks and didn't experience with some random drugs and I'll find a man that is hiding skeletons in one of his 30 closets. Also, if you judge someone for something he did, while single, at one point in his life, you probably are the same guy that protests outside of a Wendy's when they raise the prices on the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger. Just sayin' ...

h/t SbB


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