Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Those Sneaky Tabloid Vermin Might Have Spotted Sex-Ed'd Tiger Woods

Update -- So the NE (abbrev for National Enquirer, obvi) is out to get anyone posting their photo, even though they watermarked the little fucker to next Wednesday, so here is a picture of some idiot's bike, with tiger fur on it. If you see a person driving this motorcycle, you actually have, under law, the obligation to run him or her off the road.

The National Enquirer has the above pictures of a person that looks a lot like Tiger Woods, if you don't mind bypassing the obvious racism that goes along with the "if the guy is black at a sex clinic, it sure might be Tiger."

Beyond that, you can't help but look at the face and think Tiger, and a lot of other traits have me pointing in the Enquirer's direction.

Let us take a look ...

-- When Tiger is out casually, as he is at the above photo at an Orlando Magic basketball game, pre-Whoreville, his outfit is standard. Nike t-shirt, shorts and athletic shoes. As you see in both pictures, the socks are pretty similar, with both being the nerdy ankle type instead of the invisible ones most people wear these days.

-- Tiger has been known to drink coffee, which appears to be what is in his right hand, even though for all I know, it could be water or Jim and Ginger.

-- HIs legs. He has always had skinny legs, and the ones in the tabloid shot are pretty Tiger skinny.

Who knows, but for now, I guess we can all assume what we want to assume. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to shower the TMZ off of me.