Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why is Alice Cooper Playing Croquet?

The photo above is from the first round of the Bob Hope Classic in Palm Springs La Quinta, Calif., where it appears Alice Cooper is using some sort of croquet move to advance his golf ball down the fairway.

I wrote a little about what I thought of the so called "celebrities" still being a part of these tournaments, and how it doesn't make much sense when Derek Anderson (aka Horse Balls) is the most famous current NFL player in the field. You're telling me they couldn't get Tony Romo to fly over after that heartbreaking loss in Minnesota? The guy loves golf.

Anyway, check out my little ditty about the celebs and comment on what you think.


Roody said...

Good article. I agree that the celebrity events have faded in past years. It's unfortunate because I love watching the "average" guy play golf on TV (by "average" I mean their golfing skills obviously). Especially if Barkley plays. That's like the train wreck that makes you cringe, but you can't turn away either. I love it!

Isn't Jordan's celebrity tournament going on this week also? That might be where all the bigger names are.

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