Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Anthony Kim on the Jay Leno Show

On Monday night, Anthony Kim was brought on "The Jay Leno Show" to teach Jessica Alba how to putt or something. I'll be honest, watching this four minutes of Jay Leno was enough for me, and it has nothing to do with the whole Conan thing. I've disliked Leno since I was a kid, thinking he was about as funny as someone stealing my Blackberry and over-drafting my bank account.

First, I love how Alba was surprised. "Oh my goodness who would have known he was going to be on the show?!?" Second, way to do your homework, Jay! His accomplishment you brought up was 11 birdies at the Masters, not winning or being on the Presidents Cup team or anything like that? Oh, and Mr. Plug himself called it the L.A. Open, not the Northern Trust Open.

Basically, Anthony showed Alba how to putt, even though she plays golf. It was all pretty strange, I'm not going to lie. This is why some people are celebrities and some are athletes, and only a few (what up Peyton Manning) can do both.

Maybe the funniest part of this entire thing was the person that followed Kim and Alba was an Olympic curler. Way to bring the hard-hitters, Jay! Seriously, it might be worth it to you to watch the curler on TV. If that guy didn't have some hot wings before the show, my name isn't Bacon.