Friday, February 12, 2010

The Appeal of Kenny G

I know it seems like I'm beating a dead horse. I know I probably shouldn't sit here ranting about The Golf Channel once more, but I have a serious issue. Do you remember when John Stewart went on "Crossfire" and ripped them a new one, but did it under the guise that he thought the show had a ton of potential and they just weren't embracing it? That's me with The Golf Channel. It has such an opportunity. Unlike any other sports network, The Golf Channel is the only one able to air live golf in the early rounds. The only one!

On Thursday at Pebble Beach, I saw more Kenny G in one day than his wife has probably seen in years. Kenny G! He isn't a professional golfer, he isn't that much of a singer musician anymore, and he sure as hell isn't much a crowd pleaser. I'm assuming the producer for the telecast is 50 or so, and loves Kenny G and might think that people around the world care how good his game is. We don't. I promise you. We really, really don't. If I didn't write golf for a living I would have turned the golf off, and I like watching golf.

See, golf fans tune in to see Phil Mickelson, John Daly, Anthony Kim, Sergio Garcia or basically anyone with a name we recognize. That doesn't translate past golf. The Golf Channel decided they would only have cameras on the Pebble Beach course, forcing us to watch whoever was playing there on Thursday, even though David Duval was putting together a late afternoon 67 on Spyglass Hill, yet we didn't see a shot.

I know it probably costs a lot to add cameras over there, but who cares. This is what you are trying to do. You want to be a respectable sports station, put a camera somewhere else so the entire Thursday isn't lost.

The Golf Channel could be so good. It really, really could. It is just disappointing that we are forced to watch this network, with no other alternative, and see them fail week in and week out. It is getting to the point that I might start writing something weekly, in hopes of getting a response from them. I'm not one of those people that think I can make things better, but with The Golf Channel, I really think they could toss together a few golf bloggers in a room and really facelift it for the better (we could call it the anti-Montag effect).


Jeff said...

That's what I have been hating about these multi-course events. Only getting to see a select number of players. And also when those "select" number of players are B&C list "celebrities".

Kenny G may be a scratch golfer, but he swings the club like a girl.
Oh and Shane, not sure I would classify him as a "singer". I believe he just plays the flute or something???

diane said...

I can see a couple of sides to this.

One side is the Tour has given GC a once a year event played on three courses with half the field being amateur players. GC chose to put the cameras at the new course in the rota on day one. Not a bad choice because on a Thursday maybe someone will be interested in what the new place looks like. Focusing on Kenny G was not the best idea of the day.

The other side is Golf Channel could have leased additional equipment (high-def cameras, satellite trucks, whatever needed, from local sources and done a real bang up job. If they had, would they get extra advertising revenue on a Thursday to mitigate the expense?

I think this is a lose-lose. As usual GC is setting up CBS for the weekend gravy.

Hosel_Rocket said...

As if Kenny G on Thursday wasn't bad enough, today's featured player (and I use that term loosely) is Chris "Swamp-Ass" Berman. Everyone is in sweaters/sleeves, not Jabba The Berman. My man is in short sleeves sporting his mid-round swamp-ass sweat stripe on his Dockers. Thanks TGC, thanks a lot.

Matt said...

Couldn't agree more. The whole Berman spectacle was just ridiculous to watch. I ranted about the same thing on my blog as well.

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