Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chris Berman Likes to Change Up His Golf Outfits

If you looked at reasons why people dislike ESPN, most would start with Chris Berman and Stuart Scott. The schtick is more tired than a Sunday night, yet the gas pedal continues to be pressed. Berman, who plays golf (which is using the word "plays" very lightly here), was at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am this year, and his outfit on Friday was rather interesting. Well, interesting in the "holy hell does this guy only own one golf shirt" sorta way. The above photo is him in 2010.

Here he is at the Travelers Championship in 2009.

Here he is at the Travelers in 2008.

Oh, and for kicks, here he is at Pebble in 2005.

The top three are absolutely the same shirt. Maybe it's a tribute to someone or something. I have no idea, but maybe someone should send our boy a new polo.


John said...

Come on man he's just like Tiger.Tiger wears red on sundays doesn't he? LOL

My friend probably thinks the same of me. I always try and wear a dark green shirt when I play him because I feel I play better. All in the head I'm sure.

Enjoy the blog...been lurking awhile.


Cash said...

Shane - Great observation. I love Boomer,but Jesus in a Pink Cadillac, can he PLEASE stop playing in this event. The shit isn't funny, and he needs a new shirt.

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