Monday, February 8, 2010

Jim Thorpe Was Told He Can't Golf With Technology

You ever been broken up with a text message? Told you just aren't her type through Skype? Had a girl bail through e-mail? Well, Jim Thrope feels your pain. Recently sentenced to a year in jail, Thorpe still thought he'd be able to golf, and was planning on it this week on the Champions Tour.

That was, until he checked his Blackberry.

Jim Thorpe, facing a year in prison on two counts of failure to pay taxes, has been suspended by the PGA Tour via an e-mail that he received Friday he told Golf Channel.

Even with a one-year jail term set to begin April 1, Thorpe was hoping to play in the Ace Group Classic in Naples this week but that now is not possible. The PGA Tour does not comment on issues related to player discipline.

This is rather depressing, but it sure beats the alternative. You could be me, who has never got an e-mail ever by the PGA Tour. Come on guys, send me one ... I want to play in an event soon!