Sunday, February 7, 2010

Johnny Miller Speaks on Tiger Woods, Exactly What You'd Expect

You guys know Johnny Miller. Broadcaster. Guy that says a lot of shit you wish he wouldn't say, and you roll your eyes when he says it. Double chin. Used to wear pants that remind you of Aaron Baddeley.

Miller recently did the anti-CBS, and talked about Tiger Woods. His response not only included some poignantly placed words, but it has the word "hoe" in it. Seriously.

“His integrity’s been shattered,” Miller said. “More importantly, he’s injured his marriage and his family and it’s going to be tough for him. President Obama did say something. He said `I’m a strong believer that anybody can look within himself, find their flaws and fix them.’ I hope Tiger, I’m sure he’s heard that, knows he has a heck of a road to hoe to get that respect and integrity back and build the game back up again.”

Johnny Miller could come to my house with a staff bag presented with my name, 14 dozen Pro-V1's and a model girlfriend, and for some reason I'd be annoyed. I have no idea why I dislike him, but he's like "The Golf Channel." Golfy, but annoying.


Roody said...

Funny Johnny Miller-related story. Back in 2004, I played in an LPGA pro-am with Dottie Pepper. It was her last year doing anything on tour before she decided to head to the booth.

Anyways, we're on the 16th hole waiting to tee off, and one of the guys in my foursome starts talking to her about her upcoming stint with NBC. He asks "are you looking forward to working with Johnny Miller?"

She blurts out "oh my God, he is such an asshole!!! I can't stand him!".

I grin every time I see them in the booth next to one another.

Patricia Hannigan said...

"Golfy but annoying". That's such an apt description for so many things in this sport. It evokes the whole idea of something that "could be good... but in the end just isn't".

Johnny managed to call Steve Stricker old too. Granted, he's not the only one who's eluded to Strick's age, but he did it in a really blunt Milleresque way.

Roody's story is pretty damn awesome ;o)

cannuck said...

Hey PH I believe its allude?