Monday, February 15, 2010

Pebble Beach is Ugly

This photo is of Padraig Harrington, on the 7th hole of Pebble Beach on Sunday. Honestly, I don't get the big deal of this golf course? It isn't like it's pretty, or has cool shit like waves hitting walls. Seriously, I'd rather just play the local muni here in Phoenix.


Roody said...

I guess your post begs the question: what makes a golf course "pretty" to you then?

courtgolf said...

come on Roody - you must not have been to Phoenix to see the ranging caverns of Cave Creek, or the majestic tree lined fairways of Maryvale, or the stone rough of Papago Park (with the local 15th club rule to play from the rough).

Or maybe you just missed the tongue in cheek humor. :-)

Roody said...

No, I haven't been to either of those areas for golf, but would love to some day.

And it wouldn't be the first time I've missed the joke on an interwebnets blog either. ;-)