Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tiger Woods to Speak on Friday

Well, as always, chalk this one under the category of "pro golfer that read Dogs That Chase Cars," because a few hours after I posted this plea to Tiger Woods to come back, he announced that he will be appearing for the first time since the Thanksgiving night travails.

His press conference will be at 11 AM Eastern, shown live by "The Golf Channel" but will not include a Q&A with the press, only a statement, which I'm sure will be super exciting.

All of this does raise a few questions, however.

First, it sure is interesting that Tiger would pick the week of the Accenture Match Play, an event hosted by a company that dropped him after all the shit hit the fan, to come out of hiding. Tiger has a history of giving people the very quiet F-Yous, and this looks to be another one of those to Accenture.

Second, people will be speculating from here until 11 AM on Friday, but if you don't think he is returning to golf, like Frank Nobilo guessed, you're ridiculous. If the guy was done for the year, I'm sure he'd let us know that on his website.

Third, and maybe the most interesting ... get ready for an emotional side of Tiger we haven't ever seen. Woods broke down after the Hoylake British Open because of his father, but those weren't these types of tears. I expect some emotions, I expect to see him break down and I expect we are about to experience something we aren't ready for.

Oh, and fourth ... "The Golf Channel" is about to have the biggest ratings in the history of the network.

I'm going to be live-blogging the entire thing over at Devil Ball Golf, so don't forget to swing by if you're stuck at work.


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