Monday, March 8, 2010

The Big Golf Controversy is Finally Resolved!!!!

HOORAY, HOORAY! Tiger Woods is coming back to the PGA Tour!!

Umm, damn ... you're telling me it isn't that controversy? It deals with wedges?

See, this is what happens when Tiger Woods takes all this time off. We all start making bigger deals out of things that aren't really big deals to begin with.

Yep, the controversy that is the Ping Eye-2 wedges versus the PGA Tour is done, as Ping has agreed to stop the silliest golf fight ever. The wedges are now non-conforming, meaning you'll never see the boxy early '90s wedge again. Ever.

"John Solheim and Ping had a terrific opportunity to do something very positive and significant for the game of golf and we very much appreciate his willingness to take this action," said PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem.

Alright, I'm happy. As long as we never have to speak of the Ping Eye-2 wedges again, this is great news.

Now, back to tossing darts at my Tiger Woods calender in hopes of hitting the correct date he returns.

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redroverhome said...

I am so happy to see Tiger coming back golf need Tiger and Tiger need golf good luck Tiger and golf I will be praying for Tiger I hope you all let him come back in peace but I know that won't happen.