Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chalk Up Another Win for Golf Digest

Remember that above cover that appeared in the January issue of Golf Digest, where Tiger Woods was photoshopped giving President Barack Obama some putting advice with the words, "10 tips Obama can take from Tiger?" Yeah, that was just terrible, terrible timing for the golf magazine giant.

This? Well, this was more, "shooting yourself in the foot."

See, GD reported in the April issue that Barack had called Tiger during Bangfest '09 to offer up some advice and kind words to the top golfer in the world. As far fetched as it seems (if news breaks of this, every conservative wife in the world points to this as another reason to hate Obama), they are buddies and friends tend to do stuff like that.

Well, the story wasn't true, which means one of those retractions were in order.

"An article in the April issue of Golf Digest incorrectly reported that President Obama made a personal call to Tiger Woods to offer encouragement," the magazine said in an e-mail sent to media outlets Monday. "Our mistake was due to a misunderstanding between the writer and a trusted source. We regret the error."

Next month's cover story? A John Daly swimsuit issue. I'm stoked!

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Roody said...

That cover: priceless. The article: lame.