Monday, March 22, 2010

Could the Tavistock Cup Pick Uglier Shirts?

The old saying goes, nothing can be said in certain except death, taxes and really ugly golf Cup shirts. It started with the 1999 American Ryder Cup team shirts, and the Tavistock Cup has continued the tradition.

Above is a picture of Ian Poulter and Justin Rose sporting the mock turtle necks at this year's Tavistock Cup, which someone is winning I'm sure, but do you really care? Nope, you don't.


AppleDawg said...

No, they really couldn't.

I like blue and red but goodness they are fugly

I honestly think that they do this on purpose for people to say how ugly it is and talk about it?

Vince Spence said...

Yes, they could find uglier shirts, but it might take a decade or so.

I forgot how much I miss the word 'fugly'...

Adam said...

Tiger was going to play in the Cup ... until he saw the shirt he had to wear.