Monday, March 22, 2010

Everything You Needed to Know About Tiger Woods' Interviews

On Sunday, Tiger Woods spoke for the first time since his crash on Thanksgiving night. Well, no, actually that isn't right, but he spoke for the first time to reporters that either worked for ESPN or The Golf Channel and were willing to live by a five minute rule with Tiger, where nothing could be asked past five minutes.

Tom Rinaldi of ESPN and Kelly Tilghman (always been a big fan of hers) of The Golf Channel spoke with Tiger for five minutes each outside his house in Florida, a setting that looked like the house they used in "Forrest Gump," and threw any question possible at the top golfer in the world.

Some highlights ...

-- Rinaldi went first, and interrupted Tiger so much you would have thought they were married. Obviously Rinaldi was getting his moneys worth.

-- Tiger called Kelly, a well known friend to Woods, "Kel" on two separate occasions. It was some real Frost-Nixon stuff going on there.

-- CBS denied Tiger an interview because of the time restraints, meaning CBS continues to do all the right things in the golf world.

-- During the conclusion of Kelly's interview, she asked the question we had all been waiting to hear the answer to: "What's that on your wrist?" She was referring to a Buddhist bracelet (that Stephanie Wei hilariously mocked here) that Tiger said he will now wear forever to "protect him." I wonder if Buddhist bracelet will not be carrying Tiger's bag and breaking quick-fingered cameras. I sure hope so.

Here is video of the full Golf Channel interview, and here are clips from the ESPN one.

That was about it in the highlight department. As David Dusek pointed out on Twitter, the unsung reason Tiger did the interviews was so he didn't have to answer any of the hard questions at the Masters. He will go in with some press release saying that the past is the past and he will only take golf questions from here on out.

My favorite part of the interview was when Tiger told Kelly that the reason all of this happened was because he "stopped meditating," which prompted me to take to Twitter with numerous excuse tweets like, "Mustard on my sandwich?!??! The Subway guy must have stopped meditating!"

Anyway, my full analysis of what Tiger said (or, better yet, didn't say) is right here, and as you probably can tell from my tone, isn't so positive. Tiger has given us too many "I'm really coming clean, but not coming clean at all" moments through this whole thing and it has become too much.

Also, add the Transitions Championship to the list of sporting events Tiger has screwed over. As buddy Jim Furyk was winning his first title since 2007, networks were airing the interviews. Maybe a suggestion for Woods? Next time you cheat and wreck and screw over, schedule your interviews for a Monday.


E.Richardson said...

Shane --

We get it, you don't like Tiger Woods -- get in line. The truth is, his true fans sincerely don't care what you or other vultures think. Your writing is nothing more than 'look at me' journalism (I use that term lightly) Funny how we don't read about your 'he's a punchline' articles when Kobe Bryant raped a woman or John Daly beats up his wife - but boy, when it's the Golden Boy -- you and every leper climb out of the woodwork to expound on your 'knowledge'.

I think you're a disease and your 'articles' should be an example of unknowns that think their opinions matter.

Shane B. said...

It's funny. Most everyone I know that watched the Tiger interviews had the same remarks -- the guy will never let us in.

I don't care what he says, or who he is, it just bothers me that he would continually give us a line about "opening up" when we all know he never will.

Oh, and about the disease line? I think that says a lot more about who you are than it does who I am.