Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Graeme McDowell Enjoys Cell Phones

This is a picture of Graeme McDowell at the CA Championship. If you need to reach him, I'd just randomly dial a compilation of 10 numbers, because there is a good chance you'll reach him. Seriously, 111-111-1111 might be one of his many cells. I'd try it right now if I was you.


autobodypart8 said...

it is very well to know that Graeme McDowell is the fan of cell phones.

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jeep-suv-and-parts said...

that's very good ,mc dowelll is really the champion but shows its interest..

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Vince Spence said...

I rack my brain for fresh and interesting topics and they flow from you like Niagara over the falls...

I bow to you, DTCC.

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