Wednesday, March 3, 2010

John Daly, The Maturity Expert

Something I find incredible is how thin people's skin really is. I'm an absolute nobody and get called an idiot at least five times a day in comments around the web, and I couldn't imagine letting that stuff get to me. In life, there are people that are going to like you and people that are going to hate you, and just like sports, if the first column is greater than the second column, you're probably good.

A reporter by the name of Garry Smits recently reviewed John Daly's PGA Tour disciplinary folder to find out the damn thing ran 456 pages (Ed. Note: Thing you don't want? Your bad boy folder to be higher than your driving average), and highlighted some of the key points.

• Daly allegedly also smacked golf balls over the heads of spectators in bleachers at a 1993 golf clinic.
• The PGA Tour ordered Daly to counseling and/or alcohol rehab seven times.
• Daly's first violation came in April 1991 when he cursed out a playing partner; four months later, he would win the PGA Championship.
• Daly was suspended from the Tour in 1994 after getting into a fight with a fellow player after the player accused Daly of hitting into his group during the World Series of Golf.
• Daly was fined a total of nearly $100,000, suspended from the Tour five times, given probation six times, and cited for unprofessional conduct 11 times.

You know, the standard stuff for Daly. It sucks that he did all that, but it is also part of his appeal. So, did Daly take this lightly? Of course he didn't. Big John took to Twitter, publishing Smits' phone number like they are high school Facebook foes, telling followers to call the man and complain.

"here's the JERK who wrote the NON-NEWS article on the debut of my show--Call & tell him how we feel 904-***-**** Gary Smits."

Daly has since taken down the Twitter post, but come on man, you're fucking 43 years old. You are seriously doing this stuff? It is worth your time to go after a guy that is basically doing his job? If you haven't noticed over the years, your antics are what gets the people reading. That is more your fault than ours. We didn't ask you to go to Hooters and pass out, or beat up hotels, or get married and divorced more times than you've hoisted a major championship trophy. You do that type of stuff, people are going to talk about, publicly and privately.

I'm also under the guise that anything Daly related at this point helps his television show, so maybe this is all a joke on us to get his name out there, and people interested in whatever the hell that thing is called on The Golf Channel.

My only hope? That after writing this, Daly doesn't send out my phone number. I don't like the people that call me regularly, and I know most of them.

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The UnGolf Pro Blogs said...

Daily is an idiot and immature for posting the guys phone number. One of the things Daly has to learn is to stop reacting to shit he is responsible for in the first place.

Personally I think the guy is a hoot and is a thorn in the PGA's side and well...

I kind of like it.

The PGA is the epidomy of: It is better to appear virtuous than to be virtuous.

Long live Daly!