Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some Team Beat Some Other Team in that Tavistock Thingy

Alright, you can scoot back from the end of your seat. I have the Tavistock Cup results. Ready?!?! Okay!!

Lake Nova (Or Nona, I'm not totally sure) beat up Isleworth 17-13 to claim the "cup." Maybe the best part of the day was hearing that Nick O'Hern won the Payne Stewart Salver Award for low round of the day (65). Oh, and he also won $300,000. I wonder which one he's more excited about?

This will obviously be my last post on the Tavistock Cup, but seriously, how can you take an event seriously that has Tiger Woods as one of the top pictures on their website and he didn't even play!?!

Why not put Leonardo DiCaprio up there? Or maybe one of the Wiggles? I bet a nipple shot of Megan Fox would have brought in some traffic.

Also, are they really celebrating with champagne? How up their own asses can they be when they think winning this thing means a lot?

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chris_villasenor said...

Granted that this event is just an excuse for the mega-rich to say that the mege-rich golf stars that live in our community are better than the ones that live in yours.

My point is the shirts really weren't THAT bad.