Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tiger Woods Continues to Disrupt Any Sporting Event That Doesn't Involve Him

We are all humans, so the answer to my question here will be yes; have you ever done something rude to someone? You did it, you felt terrible and you tried to make amends for doing it, right? Of course you did. If you're reading this website I'm assuming you're a standup person that scored high on the SAT and went to Rice or Colombia.

Tiger Woods has basically let down everyone that has ever been close to him over the last few months, including wife, mother and caddie. So what does he do to make himself look better? Well, screw over every sporting event that matters! If it doesn't involve Woods, he obviously doesn't give a shit.

First it was the Accenture Match Play, when Woods held a press conference the Friday of the event, claiming that was the only date that worked out for him. We should note here that his "only date that would work presser" came on February 19, nearly two months before he will be seen in competition.

Then came the Travelers Transitions Championship and second round games of the NCAA, when Woods had to be interviewed by ESPN and The Golf Channel instead of waiting for a less peak time for sports. "Friend" Jim Furyk was in the midst of winning for the first time since 2007, but Woods did the interview anyway and had it go live right as Furyk was winning and the March Madness games were coming down to the wire.

Now news comes that Tiger is planning his Masters press conference for Monday of Masters week, the same day both the National Championship game and opening day of Major League Baseball are going on. The only thing Tiger missed out on was showing up at the Super Bowl when the Saints won and kicking Drew Brees' cute kid out of his hands as he was proudly holding the little fella over his head.

We should note this -- Tiger Woods is the only golfer scheduled to talk to media on Monday. The only one.

Seriously, Denis Leary should re-write his famous asshole song completely on this guy and his actions. It's almost like his whole goal is to screw over anything and everything in his path, and at this point I'm not even joking about waitresses and porn stars.


Vince Spence said...

Is it remotely possible Billy Payne and the AN people asked/suggested Tiger to do this to allow for some normalcy on Tuesday?

Do we know it was solely Tiger's decision? Again. Do we KNOW it was Tiger's decision?

The Long Reef Fantasy Golfer said...

Tiger should have shwon some respect and played this week.

Hum an Elvis Costello tune whilst you mull on these words...

Arnie's Army is on their way,
Arnie's Army is here to stay,
And if you diss our King, you can be sure
We will make you pay.

Long Live The King !