Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why the Hell is Barack Obama Still Talking about Tiger Woods?

Politics are strange. When discussing them, I fall under this guise -- "man that has strong opinions but doesn't like to share them or argue about them because it leads to absolutely nothing but bad things." It is like texting when you're drunk. Nothing good ever happens from it, and most of the time you wake up in the morning scratching your head, wondering what the hell you actually said to get you to this point.

But I'll admit I'm a fan of Barack Obama. Like most politicians, he is likable to a fault. Drinks beer, likes sports, is super smart and seems to want things to actually get better. I'm sure half the readers will disagree, and that's fine. It doesn't pain me that we have difference of opinions. When Eve decided on that apple, people began disagreeing and here we are.

What I think needs to be said, however, is this -- Obama needs to chill on things like this Tiger Woods issue. He has spoken of it twice, with the latest being in an interview with Fox Sports were Barack said he still thinks Tiger is a "fantastic" golfer.

Fact -- Tiger is still a fantastic golfer. We all know this. Just because he stuck his peg in more holes than a Lite Bright doesn't mean it is going to affect his swing or putting stroke. Sure, it might shake him mentally, but when speaking of golf, he is still going to be terrific.

I just don't get why Barack has to say anything at all. His job isn't to give advice on sports figures, and on something this touchy, it seems almost irresponsible. At this point I could say something like, "he has so many other things to worry about," but we all know that isn't realistic. Of course he is going to have some thoughts on Tiger, because in the sense of public issues, it was tops in the last three months. I just wish Obama would keep the thoughts to himself, so we don't have to hear more barking about the president being behind a guy like Tiger, or whatever the GOP would like to say on this issue.

Okay, rant over. Back to fun stuff. Anyone interested in a golden shower?


Superficial said...

I think Obama is probably part of the new breed of politician, who is as much celebrity as they are leaders and statesmen. You could ask why he did a televised Women's BB bracket, or why he was in the booth at an NFL game the Sunday before the election.

He seems to really, really enjoy being famous and talking sports with people. This is just the latest occasion.

AppleDawg said...

I don't see anything wrong with Obama discussing it. Is he not allowed to state his opinion on this matter?

I find it better that Obama is telling us how he really feels than previous Presidents just not saying anything or lying about how they hope both teams do well or something

Patricia Hannigan said...

I assumed he was asked about it. Right? And just responded... as opposed to saying, "I'd prefer not to talk about it." BTW, do they still make Lite Brite? That was my favorite toy.

Roody said...

My guess is someone asked him his opinion about Tiger. Regardless, him simply saying that "Tiger is a fantastic golfer" isn't exactly dicey conversation either. If he were to comment on Tiger's "transgressions", that might be something more worthy of throwing darts at.