Thursday, April 29, 2010

It Appears Tiger's Penis Was the Busiest Thing This Past Decade

Remember how we kept hearing rumors of more girls that would come forward claiming they slept with Tiger Woods, and how that number stayed pretty stagnant after the first run hit the presses? Well, get ready for a list that would even impress Santa.

The National Inquirer (salt shaker needed) is reporting that Tiger bagged, youreadyforthis, 120 chicks during his marriage. That's even more than PGA Tour titles he's won. Lord.

While coming clean during therapy, he failed to mention the one-night stand he knew would destroy his shaky marriage.

The serial cheater hid from therapists - and Elin -- his most shocking conquest - Number 121 - say sources.

Okay, maybe I have a problem mentally, by the first thing that I thought when I heard this is, HOW THE HELL CAN HE REMEMBER THAT MANY CHICKS? This guy might seriously have a mind like a Russian vault. I have friends that have been around the block once or twice more than the average dude, and they can hardly remember their number, and it isn't even in the same stratosphere as 121.

Did he write all their names on the back of a scorecard or something?

Oh well, who knows if this is true or not, and the National Inquirer disclaimer is always needed, but they were the first to report about Tiger's infidelity, so it isn't like they're always wrong.

Colin Montgomerie Seems Nice

We can all agree that Colin Montgomerie has a bit of a short fuse. He's has flipped out before, and will flip out again at some point before the Ryder Cup.

Maybe this time was Sunday, when Monty was finishing up his final round at the Spanish Open. It appears that a nearby tent was playing a little disco music at the event, having some fun for the patrons enjoying the spirits that accompany a private area at a golfing event.

Monty was putting for a birdie on the 18th, three-jacked it, and then went a little apeshit on the music.

Montgomerie had put together a solid opening round and needed a birdie on his last hole to lie only four shots off the lead when he three-putted for a bogey to the accompaniment of loud disco music from a nearly tent.

"Is this a f***ing party or a golf tournament?," the 46-year-old Briton fumed after signing for a one-under-par 71 which left him six strokes behind early leader Ricardo Gonzalez of Argentina.

Well, to be fair to Monty, it was a golf tournament, but Mr. Rabbit Ears himself once again let something inconsequential ruin his round, and possibly his day.

Michelle Wie's New McDonald's Commercial

While it probably isn't going to win an Oscar, Michelle Wie is in a McDonalds commercial that's endearing and kinda cute.

People seem to get on Wie for pretty much anything she does, but the girl is going to become the face of the LPGA (if she wasn't already) with Lorena Ochoa moving, and name another person that is a global icon that plays a female sport.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tiger Woods Defends His Nickelback Love

I can guarantee you this, and only this, on this here blog ... if I ever write about the band Nickelback again, I will post my address, and you can come flog me until I can no longer walk.

That said, when Tiger Woods is asked in a press conference about going to watch the band, it is means for discussion.

On Wednesday at Quail Hollow, following news that Tiger was backstage at the worst band in the world's show, a reporter asked about the criticism and Woods gave up this answer.

Yeah, I went to the concert, had a great time, Nickelback. A couple of the band members are friends of mine, and that's why I went. I just had a great time. And unfortunately I got criticized for seeing my friends.

No, you didn't get criticized for seeing your "friends," you are getting criticized because your friends are in Nickelback!!!!!

If you've ever thought Tiger was a dork for one minute, this is probably it. I mean, what is Tiger trying to be, a Rockstar? If Today Was Your Last Day, wouldn't you get Far Away from these guys? You know Tiger's Never Gonna Be Alone, even if he Burns This To The Ground. Never Again, Tiger. Never Again! *Washes Mouth Out With Bleach*

Incredible photo is from Devil Ball Golf

When Tiger-Palooza Becomes Too Much

He's the name that everyone talks about. He's the guy that everyone cares about. He's the golfer that brings the most to a golf tournament, no matter the number of majors or females he has bagged in the last few years.

He's Tiger Woods, and we as golf writers, bloggers, tweeters and podcasters know that when his name is in a story, it'll get more play.

That being said, Wednesday gave us something rather interesting, albeit ridiculous. A website affiliated with the PGA ( to be exact) televised his opening tee shot of his Pro-Am. His Pro-F**ing-Am!

For those that don't know, a Pro-Am is an event totally and completely put together to make the pockets stay deep. It is for the sponsors and companies to keep clients happy, pairing up certain big namers with the pro golfers they oogle at. It is an opportunity for people to tell a story for year's to come about how they hit it closer than Steve Marino on a par-3 at TPC Sawgrass, or how they made a 20-foot snake after Sergio Garcia gave them a really good read.

The Pro-Am isn't anything more than a male-on-male back-rub, except it lasts four hours and most of the time isn't as awkward. Televising his tee shot is just a step too far in this whole Slobber-Woods-Fest.

What next, having a 24 hour camera on the Isleworth driving range?

The New Look Road Hole

In 2006, I had the unique opportunity to caddie at the Old Course at St. Andrews. It was pretty strange at first to be an American boy telling people how to play one of the most local-knowledgy golf courses in the world, but I quickly caught on to a few things.

A.) 99 percent of the time your golfer isn't going to hit the shot you tell him to hit.
B.) 99.99999 percent of the time they aren't going to hit a putt like you want.
C.) The more you compliment them on their bad shots, the better tip you will receive.

While I felt I did a pretty decent job at the caddie thing, one hole that was always a challenge was the Road Hole. The par-4 17th, the Road Hole is arguably the most unique golf hole this side of Prestwick. A blind tee shot over a hotel shed, it forces you to pick a spot on the shed, and try and hit over it.

Now, St. Andrews has lengthened the thing by 40 yards, making it, in my opinion, the hardest hole in the world.

It will now play 490-yards, and will force players to play it like it used to play. That is, even after a good tee shot, playing either long left or short right and hoping to get up and down for four is the way to go.

I am heading over to Scotland in June to play some golf, and one of my few goals is to step back on the new tee and hit a tee ball, just so I can give people a better understanding of how tough the challenge will be. While I don't know a lot, I do know that the course rangers and such aren't a big fan of letting "regular golfers" play from the back tees. Hopefully by 17, I won't get in too much trouble by jumping back there.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Same Exact Time Scramble Format is Awesome

This past weekend, my best buddy in the world got hitched up. On Thursday, like many golfing husbands do, we had a little golf tournament to celebrate the event. Too bad we didn't hear about this new Same Exact Time Scramble format that is all the rage these days, because it looks absolutely incredible.

See, scrambles are fun, don't get me wrong, but if you play in too many they get a little boring. The SET Scramble allows every player to hit the exact shot at the exact same time, meaning that you get to watch four balls fly in the air (or piddle down the fairway) in hopes that yours might be the one they take.

Doug McCracken is the CEO and founder of the SET Scramble. He came up with the format as a way to speed up play, always a problem in scrambles (and any other golf tournament, for that matter), and to eliminate cheating. Having all four players from one team hit at the same time is an obvious time-saver and, better yet, it allows for eightsomes. Your foursome will play with another foursome, which should cut down on rules fudging and keep players honest in skill contests like closest to the pin and long drive.

Another thing I feel it would do is take some of the pressure off the "A" players in a scramble. Too many times you'll be standing over a shot, knowing that if you miss the green your team is screwed. Now, you just get to prepare for a golf shot, hit it, and hope that you've executed the way you always want when playing this silly game.

I have to say, a SET scramble in my near future. With a group of guys out in Scottsdale that tend to want more fun that seriousness when heading out to hit the links, the SET seems like a perfect Saturday morning.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Biggest Tiger Woods Controversy Yet -- He's a Fan of Nickelback

I can deal with the cheating, because he's an athlete and that's what they do. The lying and bullshitting us frustrates me, but it is what it is, and I guess at the end of the day it is just another guy in sports that won't answer a question. But this? THIS! I can't deal with this.

If you are a Nickelback fan, that's just too much. Tiger Woods was seen partying backstage with the band that makes Creed look like the Rolling Stones on Monday night. Nickelback!!?!?!!? NICKELBACK?!!?!

We're told Woods was shrouded by security backstage at Amway Arena -- while the band did their thing.

We know Tiger's a big Nickelback fan -- he's even joined them on stage in the past... though last night he kept a much lower profile, for obvious reasons.

Tiger, listen man, we have to talk about this stuff. You are trying to CHANGE YOUR IMAGE! How hard is this to do?

Things you shouldn't be doing right now:

-- Going to any concert at all, even if Tupac and Michael Jackson hosted a "From the Grave" tour
-- Hanging backstage anywhere
-- Doing anything at all with a group that involves the words "Nickel" and "Back"

I don't usually bag on people that are successful, but this band is why God invented putting both fingers in your ears. I know exactly zero people that would go see a Nickelback concert if they were giving tickets away for free. If at some point in your life you thought, "I wonder if Nickelback is popular," like Matt Damon in "Rounders" explained, "You are the sucker."

This will be hard to forgive, Woods. When you can honestly type the words, "I long for the Hootie and the Blowfish days," you've done something embarrassingly wrong.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If You Have $100,000, You Can Play 18 Holes With Bill Clinton (And Save the Earth)

They say being rich has its benefits (and who better to talk about being rich than one golf blogger), and with that I give you this; if you have some extra dinero laying around, you could be on Trump National with former President Bill Clinton. Bucket list check!

Via Devil Ball Golf:

Here's the deal. You get to play 18 with the prez at Trump National Golf Club Westchester in New York. You've got to come up with some serious coin to do this; current bid is $29,500, and the round is valued at $100,000.

I have to admit, playing 18 holes with Bill Clinton would be a pretty incredible opportunity. Not only is he one of the smartest men to ever run this country (dress stain jokes aside), but the guy wants to make his footprint on this world before he croaks. I'm sure you guys probably think I toss burger wrappers outside my window and trash all water bottles, but to be honest I'm a fairly green dude, so anything like this would be great.

So, I ask, dear readers -- who wants to toss the man $100,000 for me to write about it? I promise to make the, "So, did you enjoy the Oral Office" joke because he comes after me with his 7-iron.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why the Tiger and Phil Rivalry Chatter Needs to Simmer

If you've ever visited golf sites like this one, you noticed that during off weeks, we try to find filler. We will focus on anything to get a post up, and possibly induce a little banter between readers.

That is why on Monday, i found myself reading two stories focused on the Tiger Woods - Phil Mickelson rivalry. The gist of the stories were this -- since Phil won at Augusta, and Tiger did not, the two are in for some serious battles the rest of the season.

It is the same tired argument we've had drummed up for years upon years, or for as long as I can remember running this blog.

Here is something we should all know by now; when it comes to Tiger and Phil, there is absolutely no rivalry. None. Zilch. This is one guy (Tiger) who tends to win at a rapid pace, and another guy (Phil) who is arguably the second most talented golfer during the Tiger era. That is it. The only time the two have been anywhere close to battling in a major was the 2009 Masters, when both were so far back of the leaders on Sunday that even incredible front nines by both weren't good enough to get them within smelling distance.

You might argue that the two have butted heads on the golf course lately, going back to the Tour Championship and the HSBC Champions in China. The thing is, these two playing well in the same golf tournament is inevitable at times, because they are both so much better than anyone else.

My problem with the laziness of such a column is, what these two have isn't the definition of a rivalry. A rivalry is guys like Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus bringing the best out of in each other in major championship venues, like at the 1977 British Open. It isn't one guy losing worse than the other guy.

Say two weeks ago at Augusta, if Tiger had maybe charged in with a 66, and then Phil closed with a stretch of birdies to edge him by one. I'd buy that possibly sparking up a rivalry. But this? Nah, this is just the two best golfers competing against the field.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Rickie Fowler Enjoys Yo Gabba Gabba

Don't believe me? Look right there! it's his outfit from this week's Verizon Heritage. As Jason Sobel pointed out, it might have been his only defense against getting picked off by Boo Weekley.

If you missed out at any point in the past few months, here is Rickie doing his best Clifford impression and him joining the Smurfs.

Tiger Woods Should Start a Blog

I know that any word I write from here on out will fall on deaf ears, but I was thinking about it this morning and had to jot down the idea, if nothing else than to let it been seen by hundreds tens of people on the blogosphere.

Listen, Tiger wants to change the way he is perceived, and one of the things he mentioned before the Masters was that he was going to calm it down on the golf course. The thing is, he can't. He has been playing golf one way his entire life, and he isn't just going to dramatically flip the switch on something that has worked to perfection the first 30 years or so. To compare, McDonalds isn't changing the ingredients of the Big Mac just because people are more aware of calories and carbs these days. People still love that sandwich.

So, what Tiger should do is change his attitude away from the golf course, where he can have more control on what he does and says. If Tiger started a blog, would there be a single sports fan that didn't at least read the first few posts?

The thing is, Tiger would have to make sure he did it the right way. If he pulled some of the typical bull he does with his "interviews" nobody would keep checking in. Tiger would have to get a little more personal, and maybe spend a lot of the time on his interaction with the kiddos. You know, the types of things that would make him human to the rest of us.

We all know Tiger wouldn't give us a lot in it, but it could be good for both him and the readers. It might give him an opportunity to spill out things. "Man, I'm really starting to hit my irons well ..." or "Pebble Beach is great because ..."

I know it is pipe dream, but it isn't a terrible idea. Just get Tiger (and only Tiger, not "Tiger") to put together a little Blogger site and get to typing. Look at what Twitter has done for a guy like Shaq or writing a blog has done for Gilbert Arenas? Doing this would automatically earn him points from the media, because in a way, he'd be a little bit more like us.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Jerry Rice Experiment

There is something to be learned from the experience of Jerry Rice this week at the Fresh Express Classic. Golf is f***ing hard. Really hard.

On Thursday, in his professional golf debut, Rice shot a 12-over 83, tied for last place in the field, a round that started and ended with double-bogeys. It was the type of round that humbles you, mainly because you head into an experience like that with such expectations.

Rice is just another on a long list of people in this world that think just because they were athletes once they should be able to dominate the golf world. It isn't that hard. It isn't supposed to be that hard.

Professional golfers have been playing in competitive events since they were a fetus, grinding out an even par round when they don't their best stuff; making birdies on the last hole to turn that 67 into a 66. It's the type of thing that makes the real golfers, the men like Tiger, Phil, Stewart and Angel, so impressive.

Can I go out and shoot a 63 on any given day? Yes, actually I can. Could I do it three out of four days. Hell no, that's why I'm typing and they're chipping. It's a tough game, and Rice let everyone in the world know that this week.

Friday, April 16, 2010

And Winner for Most Awkward Photo of the Day Goes To ...

... Colin Montgomerie and Xu Hong! Good job, guys!

Let's see here ... bulldozer? Check. Random, sad little tree? You got it. Awkward Monty smile? Holler. Asian lady looking at a different cameraman? Boom! Bows on the shovel (Ed. Note: WTF?)? YES! Digging an area that either has already been dug up or had just random dirt placed there? WOOHOO!

Thank you to Victor Fraile at Getty Images for making my day just a hair better.

Joslyn James is an Idiot

You've heard the expression "15 minutes of fame" a time or two in your life, I suppose. It's something people always say when talking about a person that will not be known in a month or a year or tomorrow. Like, for instance, any of the ladies Tiger Woods slept with over his little pants dropping experiment.

Joslyn James, however, will not go without a fight. She will stay relevant, dammit, and you will remember her forever and ever (That is, more than if you own some of the porn she was in, which is another way to remember her, but that isn't here nor there).

According to the Uptown Cabaret’s Web site, James is scheduled to appear at the club April 30 and May 1, during the middle of the PGA tournament. Woods announced on his Web site Thursday that he will play in the Quail Hollow Championship, scheduled for April 29 through May 2.

Ahh yes, appearing at a strip club. You know how guys group together and head to a strip club to check out the famous naked ladies that will be performing? You know how that has never happened in the history of the world, because when guys go to strip clubs they are either A.) wasted B.) on a bachelor party C.) have nothing better to do or D.) a regular that would go if King Kong was stripping.

This only way this girl could be dumber if she got "Tiger" tattooed on her left breast and "Woods" on her right, and the problem with me bringing this up is she might read it and go do it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Re-evaluating Tiger's Reevaluation

On February 19, Tiger Woods approached a podium for the first time. There were a lot of "I'm sorrys" and "It was my fault," but one thing stuck out -- we wouldn't be seeing Woods play golf anytime soon.

He spoke of an indefinite leave of absence from the game as he planned to work on his marriage and family. They were priority uno, and nothing else was going to stand in his way.

Two months later, as you now know, Tiger teed it up at the Masters, and now is planning on playing at Quail Hollow in two weeks. As we can see, golf has taken a decent percentage of his priorities.

So, can we read into this at all? Is Tiger playing golf foreshadowing for an announcement in the future about him and Elin?

To some degree, you almost have to believe that to be true. There is no way this guy is going to be grinding it out on the driving range while simultaneously spending precious moments with the wife. They are too big of priorities to split. Work and family are always the battle in our world and this is no different. He might be trying, but it sure seems to be a strange time to be focused on the game and not on the girl.

With word that Elin is in Scottsdale while Tiger is somewhere west, happy times seem far from the horizon. While I don't always believe tabloid grumble, the divorce rumors have to be taken somewhat seriously.

For a guy that didn't want anything to do with golf two months ago, the little white Nike ball sure seems to be in his focus right now.

Tiger's Mistress Broke the Law (Shocker!)

That face doesn't look like the one of a criminal, does it?

Well do I have some news for you. It is one! Jaimee Grubbs! (Just to help you out, Jaimee was the "Tiger left me a voicemail" mistress.) One of the girls that supposedly slept with Tiger Woods has been arrested for prostitution driving with a suspended license. What a criminal! Linch her up in town square and let us throw rocks at this animal of society!

Jaimee Grubbs was taken into custody Wednesday after a random license plate check of her 2004 Ford Mustang showed she had three outstanding warrants for driving on a suspended license, Los Angeles County sheriff's Deputy Jeff Gordon said.

Grubbs was issued a new citation after it was determined she was still driving on a suspended license, Gordon said.

Grubbs was released early Thursday morning after posting about $30,000 bail. She's scheduled to appear at the Beverly Hills courthouse Thursday morning on the outstanding warrants.

You know, you think you know the mistresses you sleep with while your wife is completely clueless, and you come to find out she's a criminal. If I have said it once, I'll say it a thousand times -- it is becoming almost too hard to find a trustworthy, honest skank these days.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Phil Mickelson and Grand Slam? Not as Crazy as You'd Think

I really try to avoid doing things like this, because it is rather ridiculous. Anyone that is talking about the chances of a Grand Slam after just one victory in a row in the majors is the same guy that thinks he might get laid by Jennifer Aniston just because he had a drink next to her at an airport bar. Good luck buddy, hope it works out for ya.

But Phil Mickelson did win the Masters, his third, and he is a big story right now in the golf world, and I actually do believe that him completing the Grand Slam isn't as insane as you might think.

Want to dive in? Sure, let us dive ...

Okay, so Masters. He obviously checked that one of his list. He had Tiger Woods trailing and he started the day in need of a solid final round and he did just that. It was very un-Mickelson. No bogeys, solid golf shots all the way around and some serious clutch putting. (And let us not forget about the par saves he converted between holes 9-11. Those were seriously tough ones.)

Now comes the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach. Mickelson has finished second at this Open a record five times, which means more than anything else that he does play well at the event. Sure, he hasn't won, but he is in contention more than not. In 2000, the last time the Open was held at Pebble, Phil finished t-16, not great but not horrible. Also, he's won the Pebble Beach Pro-Am twice in his career, and is tied for the lowest score in the tournament's history.

After that is the British Open, the least favorite of Phil's majors. The combination of wind and low wedge shots hurts Phil's creativity to go all Dubai around the greens (by that I mean, build up, not out). He has only one top-10 in his career across the pond, but St. Andrews just seems to be a course Phil could master if he really used it to his advantage. As a former caddie at the Old Course, I know that missing it left is perfectly fine all day long, and with Phil's ability to control that cut when he wants to, he should be able to just sling it out there, let it land and roll out, and be in play on all the holes. He had a t-11 in 2000 at St. Andrews but struggled in 2005. If Phil could figure out a way to stay focused on the links, he could contend at St. Andrews, I'm positive.

Finally comes the PGA Championship, always a tournament Mickelson can win. The last time it was held at Whistling Straits, Phil finished t-6, so he's obviously a fan. Also, this is the major that is always a wild card, so if Phil has any game heading into it, he should be an easy favorite.

So, while it is ridiculous to bring up this early in the season, it isn't completely out of the question. Four good days at Pebble and he might be halfway through the Grand Slam. Could you imagine what winning four majors in the same year would do for Phil's career? I think at that point, FIGJAM would stop being a joke and start being fact.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The US Open Odds Are Already Out and Tiger Woods is the Favorite

Here are the early odds at Bodog for the U.S. Open after Tiger Woods announced he'd be back at Pebble Beach on Tuesday. I like his odds, and I also love Dustin Johnson at 40-1. Your thoughts?

Tiger Woods -- 9/4
Phil Mickelson -- 7/1
Ernie Els -- 14/1
Lee Westwood -- 16/1
Padraig Harrington -- 16/1
Steve Stricker -- 20/1
Anthony Kim -- 22/1
Ian Poulter -- 25/1
Paul Casey -- 25/1
Retief Goosen -- 25/1
Geoff Ogilvy -- 28/1
Camilo Villegas -- 33/1
Jim Furyk -- 33/1
Hunter Mahan -- 33/1
Nick Watney -- 33/1
KJ Choi -- 33/1
Rory McIlroy -- 40/1
Sean O'Hair - 40/1
Dustin Johnson -- 40/1
Martin Kaymer -- 50/1
Sergio Garcia -- 50/1
Adam Scott -- 50/1
Angel Cabrera -- 50/1
Henrik Stenson -- 50/1
Mike Weir -- 66/1
Ryan Moore -- 66/1
Tim Clark -- 66/1
Vijay Singh -- 66/1
Y.E. Yang -- 66/1
Zach Johnson -- 66/1
Justin Rose -- 80/1
Lucas Glover -- 80/1
Luke Donald -- 80/1
Matt Kuchar -- 80/1
Robert Allenby -- 80/1
Robert Karlsson -- 80/1
Stewart Cink -- 80/1
Chad Campbell -- 80/1
David Toms -- 80/1
Fred Couples -- 80/1
Kenny Perry -- 80/1
Ross Fisher -- 80/1
Brian Gay -- 100/1
Francesco Molinari -- 100/1
Graeme McDowell -- 100/1
Louis Oosthuizen -- 100/1
Miguel Angel Jimenez -- 100/1
Edoardo Molinari -- 100/1
Justin Leonard -- 100/1
Oliver Wilson -- 125/1
Rory Sabbatini -- 125/1
David Duval -- 150/1
The Field ( Any Other Golfer) -- 5/2

Hugh Hefner Says Tiger Woods Has No Sex Addiction

Back in early December, when the news of what exactly happened with Tiger Woods was still slowly curdling at the top of the milk carton, Hugh Hefner spoke up on Woods. He said, "I don't approve of (his behavior). I just was not surprised by it. The reason that I wasn't surprised is that he’s traveling the world. He's a handsome, young guy and beautiful ladies are throwing themselves at him. You never know the circumstances of a personal relationship or a marriage and how well it worked and I think that the immorality of infidelity is the lie. It isn't really the sex. It's the cheating."

Now, four months later, questions about Tiger are still being tossed Hefner's way, even at his own freaking birthday party. Last week in Las Vegas, someone asked the Playboy creator about Tiger and his sex addiction.

Hefner quickly cleared something up.

This whole idea that it's a sex addiction is a copout. Some people become obsessed with sex, but it's not like an alcohol or drug addiction. He did it because he could get away with it."

Now, I'm sure some people that have suffered through sex addiction would disagree (I distinctly remember this story on Deadspin about a guy that basically couldn't function without sex), but I have to side with Hefner on if Tiger has a problem.

The guy was famous and cocky (no pun intended), and wanted to live his life a certain way. That said, it wasn't like he was addicted to the sex, more so the lifestyle.

Did You Win a Free Callaway Driver?

Golfsmith has tossed around these little gimmicks before at Augusta National, but this time it paid off for the customer. Phil Mickelson winning the Masters meant if you bought a new Callaway driver between March 18 and April 7 from Golfsmith, you won your money back.


"In addition to wowing the galleries at Augusta for his third Masters Championship, Sunday, Phil Mickelson gave golfers across the country and internationally a great present to start the season," said Golfsmith President and CEO Marty Hanaka. "Phil's win is great for the game and wonderful for Golfsmith and our valued retail and online customers."

"We couldn’t be happier that Phil claimed his third green jacket and that thousands of Golfsmith customers now will start off the season with a new Callaway driver, free of charge," said Brian Groves, VP of US Marketing, Callaway Golf. "Callaway drivers are the hottest clubs on the PGA Tour and have already won six tournaments in 2010, including the season’s first Major."

If you happened to be one of the 15,000 or so that played the promotion, you can click here to redeem your prize. Also, if you know of anyone that would like to share the reasoning for doing so (maybe they didn't even know it was a promotion), tell them to fire me an e-mail. I'd love to hear the story.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Why Tiger Woods Will Probably Never Change

Last Monday Tiger Woods stepped out of his regular box to take some questions about, well, everything. I wrote about it at Yahoo!, expressing my appreciation for his honesty during such a tough time. He, for the most part, answered what he should have answered, avoided what he should have avoided and let the world know that would be the last time this was going to be discussed.

This was Tiger, 2.0. Right?

This weekend showed that changing isn't going to be so easy for Woods. Was his golf game impressive? Yep, for the most part it is. He showed that even with his C- game, Tiger is one of the top two or three players in the game. He finished tied for 4th with a golf swing that looked as ready for tournament play as Charles Barkleys. He had no clue which was it was going, or how it was going to come off his face. He hit pop-ups, snap hooks, and blades. That said, he got a ton out of it.

What wasn't impressive was what Tiger did when the round was over. His interviews were still stale and short. He answered questions like a robot after he promised that wouldn't be the case. He put winning so high on the list that he couldn't take a step out of the situation and realize that maybe some softer answers would do him some good.

I had a chat with my dad today on the phone and we discussed Tiger's "changes." I remarked that him getting pissed on the golf course will probably never change, because I've tried to stop my bad behavior on the golf course for years and sometimes it's just the competitive edge coming out. Do I get as mad as I used to? Nope, not even close. Do I still get frustrated when I hit a stupid golf shot? Yes, and I always will. That part I can understand with Tiger.

What I don't get is how he can't control his remarks and thoughts when the round ends. If he could just answer some questions like a regular guy, it would make people believe in him a little more. Until then, he's just going to be that Tiger guy that did those things to his wife and is still damn good at golf.

Maybe that's all he wants, but I sure he'd give us a little more.

Phil Mickelson Masters Video Highlights

I brought this up on Twitter early today, but I thought I'd post it over here ... for all hullabaloo Phil Mickelson's second shot on 13 is getting, it is important to remember something; the putt on 12 might have been better.

Sure, it wasn't a towering 6-iron from 206 yards, but Phil was basically trying to hit that shot 10 yards left of the pin and overdrew it. The thing cleared the water by less than a yard. If he makes the putt for eagle, I'd agree it was the shot of the championship.

Nope, the birdie on 12 was probably the biggest moment for Phil. He was struggling up to that point, having to save par on 9, 10 and 11, and hadn't had much momentum going to that point. Then, he rolls in that 25-footer for birdie and the fist-pump said it all.

Your thoughts ... second shot on 13 or putt on 12?

The Many Moves of Phil Mickelson

All week, Phil Mickelson jived, danced and shimmied his way to his third green jacket. Her, in all its glory, is the best looks from Phil Mickelson, 2010, credit Getty Images.

Phil Mickelson Won the Masters

In all the years I've watched the Masters, there are only a few moments I distinctly remember. The reason is usually this -- I'm so taken back by the tournament as a whole that I can't really key in on certain events.

I remember when Mark O'Meara made the putt in 1998. Same goes for Mickelson in 2004. I believe that 2010 might be one of the few tournaments that gave us a ton of those golf shots, from Phil Mickelson's deuce on 14 in the third round to Tiger Woods' eagle on No. 7 in the fourth round.

We had press conferences and lead changes and Sunday 65s and areyoufreakingkiddingme iron shots from the pine straw. You can think back to Tiger's eagle on No. 8 followed by his hook around the tree second on the 9th to set up another birdie. It was Tiger's first sub-70 Thursday round, and although we were told to keep an eye on this "different Tiger," by Sunday we got more of the same.

We saw a leaf become famous for being able to read a putt as good as Phil Mickelson. We saw airplanes disrupt the order of Augusta. We had a 16-year-old make the weekend. We finally were able to believe in Anthony Kim's chances at the Masters. We got to root for Fred Couples once more at Augusta, and watch in agony as the 12th hole paid him back for saving his ass in 1992.

And then there was Phil. Oh Phil. All week I had said that his chances had to be low because he continued to make big numbers at the events leading up to the Masters. On Sunday at the Shell Houston Open, Mickelson made three double-bogeys in 18 holes. It just didn't seem he was sharp enough for this golf course.

Then Thursday happened, and Phil was in the clubhouse at 5-under and all my doubts started to trickle away. I had to remember that he is the second best golfer in the world, and one round here or one round there could get him right back to where he needed to be.

When Lefty poured in the birdie putt on 12, you started to feel it. When he hit that bananas shot out of the trees on 13, you started to realize it. After he missed the eagle putt, however, you had your doubts. But a great shot into 15 was all he needed, and at that point you were pretty certain that Phil Mickelson would rule this golf course once more.

Mickelson has now won three of the last seven Masters, and I don't see why he can't win three more. The course sets up so well for him you'd expect him to be a favorite in years to go.

All we know is this Masters was as fun to watch as any of them, and if we could get Mickelson and Woods together in 2011, things would be pretty good in the golf world.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Stephen Colbert on the Tiger Woods Nike Commercial

It's Stephen Colbert being funny. Need I say more?

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Tiger's Nike Commercial
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Weather at the Masters Looks Promising

People at Augusta National have been complaining all week about how dry the course has been. It's hot, muggy, pollen-y because it hasn't rained in a while.

But what would Masters week be without a little weather delay here and there? The Thursday coverage kicks off at 4 PM ET, right when the bad weathers looks like it will hit, meaning there is a decent chance we could see no live coverage of any kind for the first day of play.

No worries though, I have my 12" 2003 Powerbook at my side, and nothing screams live golf like watching it on something the size of a magazine.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Tiger Woods Commercial Features Earl Woods Voice

If Tiger Woods has been anything over the past four months it's controversial, and the latest Nike golf ad sure seems to add to the arsenal.

For me, I absolutely loved it, but others aren't so sold on it. Here it is, feature Earl Woods speaking while a still Tiger Woods stares into the camera.

The Daily Show Takes on The Masters and Tiger

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You'll have to skip to the 3:47 mark of this video, but it is well worth it. The Daily Show handled the Tiger Woods press conference, and a few things are hilarious from the video.

First, Jon Stewart showed how ridiculous all the news networks were about the Tiger press conference. Plus, the Powerade line was pretty solid.

And, alas, Jason Jones was "at Augusta," but the course looked anything like Augusta. It just is why The Daily Show is The Daily Show.

Just One ... More ... Roll

This shot was never supposed to go in. It couldn't. Tiger Woods found himself in a peculiar spot on the 16th hole in the 2005 Masters, leading the event but airmailing the green, something you hardly ever see Tiger do in clutch situations (it's interesting to think of Tiger in 2009 at the PGA Championship now after watching this, doing almost the exact same thing on the 17th, when he thought he flagged it only to have it sail over the green).

But, here he was, stalking a chip shot that we hear "is one of the toughest pitches on the entire place here."

We all figured Tiger would knock it up on the hill and it would roll down and he'd save par. That was the idea, right?

Well, just watch it again. Five years later and the damn shot still gives me goosebumps.

IN YOUR LIFE .......

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You Stay Hot, Augusta Security Guards

If you don't think Tiger Woods picked the Masters because he would get the best possible treatment from the tournament officials, you are insane.

Steve Politi of the Star-Ledger wrote today that security guards are carrying around printouts of all the ladies Tiger slept with (or was attached to) in case some of them show up, and well, get this.

Security guards at Augusta National were actually carrying around a sheet with the mug shots of Woods’ alleged mistresses, with one of the guards asking a woman at the fifth hole, “Are you the stripper?”

The only thing I can think of that is more embarrassing than asking a lady if she is a stripper and she isn't is asking a lady when she is due that isn't pregnant.

Stay classy, security boys.

h/t 'Spin

Well, That Looked Friendly

Phil Mickelson admitted during all the Tiger Woods turmoil that he and Tiger were friends. Not just friends but good friends. Besties, if you will.

Tuesday at Augusta, however, it appears that maybe they aren't such great buds. Tiger and Phil passed each other around the practice area, and it appears there is some sort of a low five thing going without eye contact, kinda like how you hand money to homeless people so you don't have to see their reaction to the 13 cents you were giving them.

I hope Tiger and Phil played together over the weekend, just to see Tiger take him out by five shots and bring back what we used to love about these two.

Getty Images

Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Masters Week!

If you are a golf fan, there isn't a better week. Nope. Nada. No chance. Unless your great great grandfather was Old Tom Morris himself, or your uncle was buried under the bunker on 17 at Sawgrass, Augusta National is the host of the best tournament of the year.

The reasons are obvious.

-- It is the first major of the year, giving us a chance to see all the best players in the world together in the first SUPER MEANINGFUL event of the season.

-- It is the only major championship played on the same course, allowing players that like Augusta National (Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus) to thrive while others that hated it (Lee Trevino) were stuck in a bad spot.

-- It has more tradition than any sporting event out there. More than a Game 7 at Feenway ... more than Sunday at Wimbledon ... more than horses streaking down the final stretch at the Kentucky Derby. Mostly because of Augusta's policy against leaking information, the only time we get to see or hear about Augusta is the four days golfers on out on the course.

-- It is absolutely beautiful. Nothing defines beauty more than a brisk Saturday of Masters week, when the azaleas are blasting colors out like Van Gogh painting.

All week we will be bringing you the best Masters ever, but today we are starting with the best ever, and my favorite by a mile. The year was 1986, Jack Nicklaus was 46, and he hadn't won a PGA Tour event in nearly two years. His last major was in 1980, and Jack was basically the old star without much of a chance of winning. That was, until a magical Sunday opened the door for Jack, who shot 65 on Sunday to claim his sixth green jacket. The putts that dropped were the reason Augusta is so magical, and the way he cruised through the back nine made goosebumps produce goosebumps.

Here is video. What is your favorite Masters?

Tiger Woods Press Conference Live Blog

It is Masters week! Woohoo! Unlike any Masters we've ever had, this Monday is probably the most anticipated day of them all, as Tiger Woods will take questions from the media world for the first time since his Thanksgiving crash.

Myself and Jay Busbee will be live chatting it up over at Devil Ball, so swing by, won't you?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Donald Trump Thinks Golf is the Reason Tiger Woods Banged Random Chicks

If you kinda wrinkled up your nose and looked away for a second after reading that headline, you're not alone. I have no idea what that means either, but it's true. Donald Trump said the game of golf is why Tiger Woods cheated on his wife. Or something.

Here goes:

"Tiger's a friend of mine. I really like him a lot," the mogul said at Wednesday night's premiere for his show "Donald J. Trump's Fabulous World of Golf."

And get this: Trump insists that Woods' sport is responsible for his indiscretions. "I really think that there's tremendous pressure you wouldn't understand from the world of golf," he said.

Some problems with this theory go as follows.

First, what the hell does Trump know about the pressures of professional golf? This is his golf swing (the 1:36 mark). This is what he looks like on the golf course. He knows as much about professional golf as I do about managing a condo in Las Vegas.

Second, how does this make any sense? He was too strung up because of golf? The guy should be the least strung up because of the game. He wins nearly 50 percent of his tournaments. He was loved by millions. He was the most famous athlete in the world.

I'm pretty sure golf is the last ball that was in charge of his infidelities.

I Would Have Really Enjoyed Bobby Jones' Father

When Bobby Jones and Alister Mackenzie designed Augusta National, they kept a close eye on St. Andrews, hoping to build an American style course that took a lot of the same shots and had a lot of the same elements as the famous Old Course.

That is why, as most don't know (I sure didn't), the 11th hole at Augusta National was initially created with a bunker in the middle of the fairway. You know, the 11th hole? The hardest par-4 on the entire golf course? Yeah, imagine ... a bunker ... in the middle of the fairway.

The story goes that Bobby Jones was playing some golf with his father, Colonel Bob Jones, hit it in the middle of the fairway on 11 only to find his ball in sand. That is when Colonel Bob Jones jumped to near the top of my list on people I'd like to play with in an imaginary foursome, along with Tommy Bolt.

This is from The Making of the Masters, via Shackelford:

“When the Colonel found his ball in the sand, he shouted, ‘What goddamned fool put a goddamned bunker right in the goddamned center of the fairway?’ or words to that effect.

I guess not everyone loves Augusta National as much as I do.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Andrew McLardy Would Beat You at Golf Horse

On the 17th hole at the Shell Houston Open on Thursday, Andrew McLardy hit a tee ball. It was heading left, for trouble, but McLardy obviously wasn't worried. He knew where it was going. Off the driver face, through the air 300 yards, in the trash can, nothing but net.

He ended up saving par after he dug his ball out of the trash.

I hate that you had to listen to the "recycled the par" line. I was thinking of playing some music over it ("One Shining Moment" possibly?) but figured you would all get a kick out of the horrible pun.

Every Tiger Woods Masters Prop Bet You Can Stomach

You ready to toss away your money on the Masters? Well, here goes. Bodog has a ton of Tiger bets for the Masters, and all will be listed below. My favorite sucker bets? Tiger will wear a red hat on Thursday at 7-2 (I honestly have never seen him wear a red hat in his entire career). Tiger's lowest score to par will be on the par-5 2nd hole at 13-2 (a very hard birdie for most in the field). Wil Tiger make a hole-in-one this year at Augusta at 50-1? (It is 100-1 by the English bookies).

Anyway, here are all the best you'd ever want to toss dinero at. Enjoy.

PGA Tour - US Masters 2010 - April 8th, 2010
Tiger Woods 4/1
Phil Mickelson 9/1
Ernie Els 10/1
Steve Stricker 14/1
Padraig Harrington 16/1
Retief Goosen 20/1
Paul Casey 22/1
Lee Westwood 25/1
Rory McIlroy 28/1
Geoff Ogilvy 28/1
Henrik Stenson 33/1
Jim Furyk 33/1
Hunter Mahan 33/1
Camilo Villegas 33/1
Ian Poulter 33/1
Martin Kaymer 33/1
Anthony Kim 40/1
Zach Johnson 40/1
K.J. Choi 40/1
Sergio Garcia 50/1
Angel Cabrera 50/1
Sean O'Hair 50/1
Nick Watney 50/1
Chad Campbell 50/1
Robert Allenby 50/1
Stewart Cink 66/1
Luke Donald 66/1
Ross Fisher 66/1
Justin Rose 66/1
Adam Scott 66/1
Mike Weir 66/1
JB Holmes 66/1
Lucas Glover 80/1
Robert Karlsson 80/1
Tim Clark 80/1
Andres Romero 80/1
Graeme McDowell 80/1
Kenny Perry 80/1
Rory Sabbatini 80/1
Steve Flesch 80/1
Justin Leonard 100/1
Stuart Appleby 100/1
Boo Weekley 125/1
Stephen Ames 125/1

How Many Majors Will Tiger Woods Win In 2010?
None 5/4
One 7/4
Two 4/1
Three 12/1
Four 25/1

What Will Tiger Woods First Round Score Be at the 2010 Masters?
Over/Under 70.5

What Color Hat will Tiger Woods Wear in Round One of The 2010 US Masters?
Black 5/4
White 7/4
Red 7/2
Blue 11/2
Any Other Color 8/1

Will Tiger Woods be Heckled after Addressing the Ball and Step Away During the 2010 US Masters?
Yes -120
No -120

Which Hole will Tiger Woods have the Best Score to Par for the Four Days of the 2010 US Masters?
1. Tea Olive - 445 yards, Par 4 40/1
2. Pink Dogwood - 575 yards, Par 5 13/2
3. Flowering Peach - 350 yards, Par 4 7/1
4. Flowering Crabapple - 240 Yards, Par 3 40/1
5. Magnolia - 455 Yards, Par 4 33/1
6. Juniper - 180 Yards, Par 3 28/1
7. Pampas - 450 Yards, Par 4 40/1
8. Yellow Jasmine - 570 Yards, Par 5 4/1
9. Carolina Cherry - 460 Yards, Par 4 14/1
10. Camelia - 495 Yards, Par 4 28/1
11. White Dogwood - 505 Yards, Par 4 50/1
12. Golden Bell - 155 Yards, Par 3 20/1
13. Azalea - 510 Yards, Par 5 5/1
14. Chinese Fir - 440 Yards, Par 4 20/1
15. Fire Thorn - 530 Yards, Par 5 9/2
16. Redbud - 170 yards, Par 3 10/1
17. Nandina - 440 yards, Par 4 9/1
18. Holly - 465 yards, Par 4 9/1

Where will Tiger Woods Finish in the Standings for the 2010 Masters?
1-3 2/1
4-6 9/4
7-10 7/2
11+ 2/1

Which will be Tiger Woods Lowest Scoring Round in the Masters?
1st Round 7/2
2nd Round 2/1
3rd Round 2/1
Final Round 2/1

Will Tiger Woods Ever Have the Outright Lead During the 2010 Masters?
Yes +200
No -350

Will Tiger Woods Score A Hole-In-One At The 2010 US Masters?
Yes 50/1

Will Tiger Woods Make The Cut At The 2010 US Masters?
Yes -800
No +500

PGA Tour - US Masters 2010 - Will Tiger Woods Lead after Round 1?
Yes 8/1

What Will Tiger Shoot On The 1st Hole?
Par 1/2
Bogey 11/4
Birdie 9/2
Double Bogey or Worse 16/1
Eagle 80/1

Will Tiger Woods Opening Tee Shot Land On The Fairway?
Yes -200
No +150

Will There Be A Hole In One At The US Masters 2010?
Yes +140
No -180

Highest Single Hole Score By A Player At The US Masters 2010?
Over 9.5 Shots +150
Under 9.5 Shots -200

Will Elin Nordgren be Seen on Camera at the 2010 Masters?
Yes 7/1

What Will the TV Ratings Peak at During the 2010 US Masters?
Over/Under 20.3

What Will the TV Ratings be for the Final Round of The Masters?
Over/Under 14.9

Will Any Sponsor except Nike Run a Tiger Woods Commercial during the Weekend's Broadcast of the 2010 Masters?
Yes 5/1