Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Biggest Tiger Woods Controversy Yet -- He's a Fan of Nickelback

I can deal with the cheating, because he's an athlete and that's what they do. The lying and bullshitting us frustrates me, but it is what it is, and I guess at the end of the day it is just another guy in sports that won't answer a question. But this? THIS! I can't deal with this.

If you are a Nickelback fan, that's just too much. Tiger Woods was seen partying backstage with the band that makes Creed look like the Rolling Stones on Monday night. Nickelback!!?!?!!? NICKELBACK?!!?!

We're told Woods was shrouded by security backstage at Amway Arena -- while the band did their thing.

We know Tiger's a big Nickelback fan -- he's even joined them on stage in the past... though last night he kept a much lower profile, for obvious reasons.

Tiger, listen man, we have to talk about this stuff. You are trying to CHANGE YOUR IMAGE! How hard is this to do?

Things you shouldn't be doing right now:

-- Going to any concert at all, even if Tupac and Michael Jackson hosted a "From the Grave" tour
-- Hanging backstage anywhere
-- Doing anything at all with a group that involves the words "Nickel" and "Back"

I don't usually bag on people that are successful, but this band is why God invented putting both fingers in your ears. I know exactly zero people that would go see a Nickelback concert if they were giving tickets away for free. If at some point in your life you thought, "I wonder if Nickelback is popular," like Matt Damon in "Rounders" explained, "You are the sucker."

This will be hard to forgive, Woods. When you can honestly type the words, "I long for the Hootie and the Blowfish days," you've done something embarrassingly wrong.


michael said...

seriously. drop Nickelback and go hang out with Kings of Leon. i hear they're love golf and it's WAY better music.

courtgolf said...

DUDE ! I guess it would be a cheap shot to mention the Nickelback groupies...WHO SAID THAT !!! (lol)

Maybe he should stick with Hootie or Kenny G...more cougars than young hotties.