Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If You Have $100,000, You Can Play 18 Holes With Bill Clinton (And Save the Earth)

They say being rich has its benefits (and who better to talk about being rich than one golf blogger), and with that I give you this; if you have some extra dinero laying around, you could be on Trump National with former President Bill Clinton. Bucket list check!

Via Devil Ball Golf:

Here's the deal. You get to play 18 with the prez at Trump National Golf Club Westchester in New York. You've got to come up with some serious coin to do this; current bid is $29,500, and the round is valued at $100,000.

I have to admit, playing 18 holes with Bill Clinton would be a pretty incredible opportunity. Not only is he one of the smartest men to ever run this country (dress stain jokes aside), but the guy wants to make his footprint on this world before he croaks. I'm sure you guys probably think I toss burger wrappers outside my window and trash all water bottles, but to be honest I'm a fairly green dude, so anything like this would be great.

So, I ask, dear readers -- who wants to toss the man $100,000 for me to write about it? I promise to make the, "So, did you enjoy the Oral Office" joke because he comes after me with his 7-iron.


Patricia Hannigan said...

I agree with you green dude, it would be awesome to play 18 with Bill Clinton.

courtgolf said...

LMAO ! $ Bill Clinton... now that's funny. I'm sure every penny would go to the charity. (too bad checks don't come with pennies)

Hey Patricia - if you play with the guy - don't make any bets - he has a nasty reputation for being a little free with the eraser.