Friday, April 16, 2010

Joslyn James is an Idiot

You've heard the expression "15 minutes of fame" a time or two in your life, I suppose. It's something people always say when talking about a person that will not be known in a month or a year or tomorrow. Like, for instance, any of the ladies Tiger Woods slept with over his little pants dropping experiment.

Joslyn James, however, will not go without a fight. She will stay relevant, dammit, and you will remember her forever and ever (That is, more than if you own some of the porn she was in, which is another way to remember her, but that isn't here nor there).

According to the Uptown Cabaret’s Web site, James is scheduled to appear at the club April 30 and May 1, during the middle of the PGA tournament. Woods announced on his Web site Thursday that he will play in the Quail Hollow Championship, scheduled for April 29 through May 2.

Ahh yes, appearing at a strip club. You know how guys group together and head to a strip club to check out the famous naked ladies that will be performing? You know how that has never happened in the history of the world, because when guys go to strip clubs they are either A.) wasted B.) on a bachelor party C.) have nothing better to do or D.) a regular that would go if King Kong was stripping.

This only way this girl could be dumber if she got "Tiger" tattooed on her left breast and "Woods" on her right, and the problem with me bringing this up is she might read it and go do it.


Weekly NFL Picks said...

But I guess it does make certain that there will be one high roller at Uptown Caberet (Tiger, maybe in disguise). This is hilarious, and great self marketing.

Tired of hearing these girls though, ready for tiger's huge divorce golf comeback tour.

Mel said...

Let's not forget who chose to make this "idiot" girl part of his life.

AppleDawg said...

Her story was interesting at first but now it is just boring

I hope blogs like this stick to this theory of her being an idiot and THUS NOT WRITING ABOUT her in the future