Thursday, April 15, 2010

Re-evaluating Tiger's Reevaluation

On February 19, Tiger Woods approached a podium for the first time. There were a lot of "I'm sorrys" and "It was my fault," but one thing stuck out -- we wouldn't be seeing Woods play golf anytime soon.

He spoke of an indefinite leave of absence from the game as he planned to work on his marriage and family. They were priority uno, and nothing else was going to stand in his way.

Two months later, as you now know, Tiger teed it up at the Masters, and now is planning on playing at Quail Hollow in two weeks. As we can see, golf has taken a decent percentage of his priorities.

So, can we read into this at all? Is Tiger playing golf foreshadowing for an announcement in the future about him and Elin?

To some degree, you almost have to believe that to be true. There is no way this guy is going to be grinding it out on the driving range while simultaneously spending precious moments with the wife. They are too big of priorities to split. Work and family are always the battle in our world and this is no different. He might be trying, but it sure seems to be a strange time to be focused on the game and not on the girl.

With word that Elin is in Scottsdale while Tiger is somewhere west, happy times seem far from the horizon. While I don't always believe tabloid grumble, the divorce rumors have to be taken somewhat seriously.

For a guy that didn't want anything to do with golf two months ago, the little white Nike ball sure seems to be in his focus right now.


AppleDawg said...

I never had a problem with Tiger before the sex scandal but even I have been appalded at a lot of what Tiger has said

He acted like he couldn't fist-pump unless he could curse....and made it seem like he was blaming us

He said he wouldn't curse yet said God Damn or something about sucking numerous times....he sounds like a LITTLE CHILD with all of the cursing

He brought it on himself then got mad at CBS when they brought it up after the Masters

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