Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tiger Woods Defends His Nickelback Love

I can guarantee you this, and only this, on this here blog ... if I ever write about the band Nickelback again, I will post my address, and you can come flog me until I can no longer walk.

That said, when Tiger Woods is asked in a press conference about going to watch the band, it is means for discussion.

On Wednesday at Quail Hollow, following news that Tiger was backstage at the worst band in the world's show, a reporter asked about the criticism and Woods gave up this answer.

Yeah, I went to the concert, had a great time, Nickelback. A couple of the band members are friends of mine, and that's why I went. I just had a great time. And unfortunately I got criticized for seeing my friends.

No, you didn't get criticized for seeing your "friends," you are getting criticized because your friends are in Nickelback!!!!!

If you've ever thought Tiger was a dork for one minute, this is probably it. I mean, what is Tiger trying to be, a Rockstar? If Today Was Your Last Day, wouldn't you get Far Away from these guys? You know Tiger's Never Gonna Be Alone, even if he Burns This To The Ground. Never Again, Tiger. Never Again! *Washes Mouth Out With Bleach*

Incredible photo is from Devil Ball Golf