Monday, April 19, 2010

Tiger Woods Should Start a Blog

I know that any word I write from here on out will fall on deaf ears, but I was thinking about it this morning and had to jot down the idea, if nothing else than to let it been seen by hundreds tens of people on the blogosphere.

Listen, Tiger wants to change the way he is perceived, and one of the things he mentioned before the Masters was that he was going to calm it down on the golf course. The thing is, he can't. He has been playing golf one way his entire life, and he isn't just going to dramatically flip the switch on something that has worked to perfection the first 30 years or so. To compare, McDonalds isn't changing the ingredients of the Big Mac just because people are more aware of calories and carbs these days. People still love that sandwich.

So, what Tiger should do is change his attitude away from the golf course, where he can have more control on what he does and says. If Tiger started a blog, would there be a single sports fan that didn't at least read the first few posts?

The thing is, Tiger would have to make sure he did it the right way. If he pulled some of the typical bull he does with his "interviews" nobody would keep checking in. Tiger would have to get a little more personal, and maybe spend a lot of the time on his interaction with the kiddos. You know, the types of things that would make him human to the rest of us.

We all know Tiger wouldn't give us a lot in it, but it could be good for both him and the readers. It might give him an opportunity to spill out things. "Man, I'm really starting to hit my irons well ..." or "Pebble Beach is great because ..."

I know it is pipe dream, but it isn't a terrible idea. Just get Tiger (and only Tiger, not "Tiger") to put together a little Blogger site and get to typing. Look at what Twitter has done for a guy like Shaq or writing a blog has done for Gilbert Arenas? Doing this would automatically earn him points from the media, because in a way, he'd be a little bit more like us.


Vince Spence said...

Could you guess how many hits he'd get every day? You couldn't read the comments fast enough. By the time you write yours, 500 more would be on the screen.

But, I agree that it is not the worst idea I've heard this week.

Patricia Hannigan said...

I don't know if he cares much about points with the media, and I don't get the impression he'd be a good writer, but the idea is pretty awesome particularly the daddy angle. Daddy blogs are an ultra-popular niche these days and it'd probably go a long way in winning back all those "women scorned" he supposedly alienated with his transgressions.

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