Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When Tiger-Palooza Becomes Too Much

He's the name that everyone talks about. He's the guy that everyone cares about. He's the golfer that brings the most to a golf tournament, no matter the number of majors or females he has bagged in the last few years.

He's Tiger Woods, and we as golf writers, bloggers, tweeters and podcasters know that when his name is in a story, it'll get more play.

That being said, Wednesday gave us something rather interesting, albeit ridiculous. A website affiliated with the PGA ( to be exact) televised his opening tee shot of his Pro-Am. His Pro-F**ing-Am!

For those that don't know, a Pro-Am is an event totally and completely put together to make the pockets stay deep. It is for the sponsors and companies to keep clients happy, pairing up certain big namers with the pro golfers they oogle at. It is an opportunity for people to tell a story for year's to come about how they hit it closer than Steve Marino on a par-3 at TPC Sawgrass, or how they made a 20-foot snake after Sergio Garcia gave them a really good read.

The Pro-Am isn't anything more than a male-on-male back-rub, except it lasts four hours and most of the time isn't as awkward. Televising his tee shot is just a step too far in this whole Slobber-Woods-Fest.

What next, having a 24 hour camera on the Isleworth driving range?


AppleDawg said...

When he is on TV, ratings I have no issue with him being on TV a lot

What gets old are the same non-Golf stories about him....which I find annoying now

With that said, his childish rants on the course need to stop

Patricia Hannigan said...

Call me crazy but I happen to think it would be entertaining to see some TV coverage of the ProAms. Not excessive but some. And I'm guessing most golf fans who aren't golf writers/bloggers, etc. feel the same.

And the Tiger Woods pro-am opening tee shot was perfectly in context with that.

That's how I see it anyway, but then I don't know much.

Roody said...

Any chance you'll be looping for one of the LPGA ladies when they come to play the LPGA Championship here in Rochester later this year? I'm playing in the pro-am, and normally I hope to get paired with a good pro, but maybe this time I'll root for a pairing based on the caddy. ;-p

I love pro-ams. I agree with Patricia, I'd like to see more pro-am coverage.