Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Adam Scott Finally Admits He Isn't Very Good at Golf ...

... when he was 16 years old. That is, after a question came his way about Matteo Manassero, the 16-year-old that made the cut at the Masters this past year and finished T-36.

Adam Scott was questioned about the state of his game when he was barely legal to drive a car, and he said the following, which made me like the Australia even more.

“I wouldn’t have broken 90 at Augusta when I was 16,” he said of Manessero, who turned 17 right after the Masters. “I’m not just saying that as a throwaway line. I mean that. I wasn’t anywhere near that level at his age.”

To be fair to Scott, and to praise Manassero, I don't think anybody was. When Tiger first played in the Masters as an amateur, he tied for 41st, an incredible feat in and of itself, but still not as good as what Manessero did. And, why should we forget, this kid finished 13th at the British Open last year!

“Every generation learns from the one before,” Scott said. “Tiger won early and Sergio learned from that, and he did it early. I was doing it at a fairly early age. Now you have Rory and Ryo. They’ve learned from guys like Tiger. Look at Ryo. He’s 18 and he’s been doing this for three years. He’s already played a Presidents Cup. That’s hard to get your head around.”

I think Scott is right on with all of what he's saying. From what we have seen, a special type of golfer comes around every few decades and does something most near his level can't even comprehend. While we are still waiting for a young golfer to win a big tournament, two teenagers are accomplishing feats that are nearly unheard of.


Jim said...

When one of these young guys wins a Major by 12 shots at the age of 21 THEN we can start comparing them to Tiger.

Jim Dauer

Shane B. said...

Touche, Jim. Touche.