Monday, May 10, 2010

A Friend Left Us Too Quick

Anyone that has ever read this blog knows that Erica Blasberg and I were friends. She was one of my favorite girls around, and we always had a special bond when it came to golf/school/life.

Finding out the news on Monday that Erica passed was tough for all included, and I wrote something up about it to just kinda open my heart valve.

She was a wonderful person, and I really did enjoy her company more than she probably knew.

For the last two years we have been promising each other a round of golf together. One month I was supposed to go up there, one month she was coming down here, and it just never worked out. While I will forever wish we could have teed it up together, I think seeing her play was good enough for me.

We will miss you, EB.


John said...

Wow I'm stunned. Never expected to read this.

So sorry for your loss!

wolfson32 said...

Shane, I know you two were close. Sorry lose to a Wildcat and someone you called a friend.


Roody said...

Sorry for your loss. So sad to see a bright, young star, and young lady leave way before it was her time.

Patricia Hannigan said...

What a loss... of talent, beauty and sweetness.

My most sincere condolences to you Shane... and to Erica's family.

I met her just once... briefly, in passing... but that's all it took to develop a special feeling for her.

I'm hoping her death encourages those close to women tour players to give them some extra hugs and encouragement.

Gene Oberto said...


Please accept my feelings to you on your loss. It's tough on us when we think of friends we will no longer be able to laugh with, except in our memories.

In yours, Erica will always be the young woman full of life and spirit.

Is it me, or was her quote, "Maybe a weather girl?" the most intimate look at a woman facing an uncertain future, uncomfortable with what might be in store for her.

None of know, really, the demons that dance inside and outside the heads of others, no matter how close we are. We can take a little comfort in knowing that she is at peace, playing in a place where all the putts DO break towards Camelback.

Shane B. said...

Thanks everyone for such nice messages. They all meant a lot.

Shane B. said...

Also, Gene, wanted to let you know ... I think I'm going to use your final quote in my speech at the wake on Wednesday. I thought it was as good a thing as I've heard. Thanks for the kind words.