Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If You're Interested in How Sergio Garcia's 2010 Has Gone So Far ...

This face just about says it all. It's a picture from the Madrid Masters, a tournament that has been around for three years. Sergio has never won there (I'll wait for you to get back up from your chair), but it is in his home country so I'm assuming he gets a million bucks he feels obligated to be respectful of his fellow countrymen.

How is the Garcia roller-coaster this week? Well, so far this season he has only one top-10, none coming in any of the stroke play events. He hasn't finished in the top-37 in a single stroke play event in 2010 on the PGA Tour, and said this about his Ryder Cup chances.

If it was right now I would probably talk to Monty and tell him what I am feeling.

"I would only accept to go if I felt that I was the best choice. It's the team that counts and if I thought that any other player could do a better job than me I would certainly decline.

"At present I don't think that I am the best choice, but we still have a few months to go and hopefully things will change. I hope he does not need to pick me!"

Hey, we give Sergio a ton of hell around these parts, but you can't fault the guy for being honest. Would he really decline an invite to the Ryder Cup, where he is arguably the most successful? Probably not, but it sounds good, and with his game right now, I couldn't be surprised if Monty left him on the bench.

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The Long Reef Fantasy Golfer said...

Playing in the Presidents Cup didn't seem to do Adam Scott any harm. After Greg Norman went out on a wing for Scott, Adam then went and won the Aussie Open, and a few months later, the Texas Open.

I think Sergio is just down on confidence. If he can't find the belief in himself, perhaps some of his Euro mates should show some in him.