Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Japan Wins Again

If there is one country I'd love to live in for a few years, it's Japan. From their beautiful women to positive outlook on life, the Shinkansen, Orion beer and sushi go-rounds, everything Japan is okay with me.

Oh, and at least once a week they give us something on YouTube that probably isn't supposed to be funny, but is. This week, it was Ryo Ishikawa's McDonalds commercial, which is below.

Basically, Ryo is preparing for a golf shot, and it somehow ties into some sort of Egg Sandwich thingy. Why don't I want to Google the translation? Because sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

h/t the always wonderful Golf Girl

1 comment:

Azile said...

Surely he's not superimposed Photoshopically on a background of a bunch of Americans watching him??

Do you remember those suspicious looking sandwiches at the Japanese McDonald's anyhow? I remember one with some sort of shrimpy pattie with a sort of Thousand Island dressing on it.