Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ryo Ishikawa Goes Insane, Closes With 58 to Win Japan Tour Title

Sunday mornings are usually pretty calm in the Bacon household. I'll wake up, snag some breakfast and wait for whatever sport to kick off before the golf comes on. They aren't usually started with the mouth-dropping news that some 18 year old kid shot a 58 to win his seventh Japan Tour title.

Yep, that kid (as The Golf Girl grins and grins) is Ryo Ishikawa, and his 12-under 58 was the lowest score ever recorded on a major tour. I guess that's pretty ho-hum in the life of Ryo.

"I always dreamed of getting a score like this but didn't think I would do it so fast," Ishikawa said. "It hasn't really sunk in yet, but I'm sure it will after a few days."

"I got off to a good start for the first time in four rounds, so I told myself not to give up for the title until the end," Ishikawa said. "To my surprise, I found myself making this many birdies. I was in a calm mental state for all 58 strokes."

Wait, an 18 year old said "I was in a calm mental state for all 58 strokes"? I'm sure there is a bit of a translation difference in his exact point, but wow, you wonder why he is so darn good so early. When I was 18 and posted a good score, I normally had to take a nap after just because I was so fired up/confused/excited. He posts the lowest score anyone ever has in a big event and followed it up with "a calm mental state."

Also, Ishikawa had a 15-footer for birdie on the 18th for 57, but missed it. I'm assuming this is one of those moments you were probably glad you didn't gamble against him.

"Okay Ryo, give me five shots a side, and we will play for all the money in my account." That 70 you posted with your buddies on Saturday probably doesn't look so good now, does it?

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Patricia Hannigan said...

Yes... I <3 Ryo that's for sure. ;o)