Monday, May 3, 2010

Tiger Woods 'Tiger Slam' Irons on eBay Activate Bullshit Meter

Call me a skeptic, but someone getting their hands on a set of Tiger Woods irons he used during his Tiger Slam and being allowed to sell them on eBay seems as likely as Gary McCord and I being asked to play a leisurely 18 holes at Augusta National on Tuesday.

As the story goes, somebody got their hands on a set of the Titleist irons Woods used during his 2000 run and is trying to get ride of them on eBay for the asking price of $250,000. Here are the details.

* Clubs in orginal [sic] shape and grips are original grips used the last time the clubs were used by Tiger.

* Used by Tiger in his "Tiger Slam".

* Given directly to seller by Tiger.

* Certificate of Authenticity.

Maybe I'm just negative, but a certificate of authenticity these days is as reliable as a wallet condom. Maybe they are Tiger's clubs, maybe they aren't, but whatever the case, if you are dropping a quarter of a million dollars on a set of used irons, you, my friend, have some issues.