Monday, May 3, 2010

A Win at Sawgrass Means Phil Mickelson Could Be Number One

Wrap your head around this for two seconds, if you don't mind; in Phil Mickelson's illustrious career, that's included four major championships and 34 other PGA Tour titles, the man has never been number one in the world. Never.

During that same stretch, names like Vijay Singh and David Duval have stood atop the rankings, but never Lefty, whose biggest curse has been being born during the Tiger Woods era. That could all change this week if Mickelson could replicate the 2007 Players Championship, which he won by three shots.

If Phil wins and Tiger fails to finish in the top-5 (he hasn't since 2001), Mickelson would be ranked atop the golf world for the first time in his life.

How important is this, really? Not that much, other than to be able to say you are the number one golfer in the world. A month ago this would have been absolutely preposterous, as Mickelson was struggling with his swing more than Tiger is now, but a win at Augusta and a second place finish at Quail Hollow has him sneaking up on Mr. Woods.


AppleDawg said...

Eh, who really is all about majors and titles in general

I understand that the players need the ranking to get into majors but in terms of who is #1 or not...I mean, I doubt anyone really cares that much

avani said...

I am a great fan of Phil so always want him to be #1..........but yo Appledawg I truly agree the players just need ranking to get in majors or else who cares.

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