Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chatting With Tom Watson

My editor over at Yahoo! had promised me an interview with Tom Watson, and while I obviously was excited at the opportunity (Watson has always been one of my favorites, mainly because my dad was obsessed for a while), I figured it wasn't going to happen so soon before the U.S. Open.

That was, until this morning, when I was rolling into the grocery store at 6:30 to snag some essentials. My editor's number popped up, he let me know that Watson would be calling momentarily, and I drove as fast home as humanly possible (sorry, construction dude I almost hit with the SLOW sign).

The first thing Tom asked me when the phone rang was how I was doing, and where I was from, and the interview went from there. I'll let you read the whole thing over at Yahoo!, but just wanted to share the link here.

While I'm not really that confident in Watson competing next week at Pebble Beach, I do think he has a great shot in a month at St. Andrews. The British is his oyster, and after last year it seems only fitting he'd be in contention at the home of golf.

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Patricia Hannigan said...

Dude?... who goes grocery shopping at 6:30?!? I'm not even going to ask what kind of... essentials... you were looking for.

Anyway, I look forward to reading the interview and I hope you asked him what the hell he was doing at Rush Limbaugh's wedding. ;o)