Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ian Poulter Misses Pro-Am for Wimpiest Reason Ever

This week at the Alstom Open De France in Versailles, the European Tour event, pro golfers are suffering. Lee Westwood had to pull out of the pro-am because of swollen calf muscle. Colin Montgomerie couldn't tee it up because of a calf injury as well. Matteo Manassero injured his wrist when he was hit with a golf ball while practicing and wasn't able to play in the pro-am.

Oh, and Ian Poulter couldn't play in the Wednesday event either. Why? Because of an insect bite. Seriously. You're probably thinking to yourself, "Well, he got bit on the hand, so he couldn't swing the club. That sounds legit."

Yeah, it was on his shin, but said it became infected so he wasn't able to golf. Here is his explanation from the near death experience.

"I was practising at Woburn on Monday and got bitten by a horsefly or something. It was swollen yesterday and when I put my hand in my pocket I felt a big lump on my groin and knew it wasn't right. I went to the doctors, was given antibiotics and decided I was well enough to fly this morning, but that's probably not done it any good.

"An English doctor said I should go and have an intravenous drip but the French one did not think that was the right thing to do and has given me tablets. I'll come up in the morning to see how it is. Hopefully I'll be okay, but walking for five hours is not going to do it any good and nor is the heat."

My favorite part of that entire explanation is the, "Hopefully I'll be okay." YOU GOT AN INSECT STING! IT WASN'T EVEN A BEE OR HORNET OR YELLOW JACKET! Lord.

I guess we can tally this one under "why people think golf isn't a sport and golfers are pansies." I'm hearing next week Ian might miss the pro-am because he cut his right index finger's fingernail too short. Stay tuned.


UKWendy said...

They will all make miraculous recoveries/play like brave little soldiers thru' the pain come the actual tournament.

johnraser said...

Embarassing. Sometimes these guys really don't know how good they have it.

AppleDawg said...

If it got infected, it could be quite bad

Not sure I agree with the point here.

SAQA- Atlantic Canada said...

Sorry, but I am with AppleDawg. As an RN I probably have just a tad more insight into this than you do. The site of the bite became infected. Ok, that is no big deal but, the fact that it was in his lymphatic system as evidenced by the swollen lymph node(s) in his groin tells us the infection has gone well beyond the original site (shin to groin) and could go further. He runs the risk of sepsis if he is not careful. Walking, getting overheated and dehydrated increases his risk for the infection to spread further. Sepsis can be fatal.

So, before you make fun of someone you might want to do a little research next time.

Jon said...

Bug probably stung Tiger first and still had some of that funky blood on his stinger when it stung Poulter.

Damn right Poulter got infected. He'll be lucky to live through that infection.