Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Padraig Harrington Tests His Pee ... Daily

Yep. That headline isn't some sort of joke. Padraig Harrington, winner of three major championships and best accent on tour, has decided to take his physical fitness to a completely different level. Paddy is now testing his urine every morning with a thing called a refractometer.

What the hell is a refractometer? Well, basically it is a device that you place a droplet of your urine on, and then submit that back to a lab. Padraig is doing that every morning to check and make sure his is properly hydrated, or something.

Honestly, I'm not a doctor (shocker!), so here is what the report says.

Every day, Harrington will use a hand-held refractometer to determine if he is properly hydrated. He simply places a drop of urine on the prism and forwards the results to his health and fitness specialist Dr Liam Hennessy for analysis.

On the 15 to 20 weeks per year that Dr Hennessy travels with the Irishman to tournaments, the medic himself will conduct daily blood, urine and stress testing on Harrington to ensure he is in peak physical condition, especially going into that crunch time at tournaments -- Sunday afternoon.

I know that as an athlete you want any edge possible, but sending droplets of your piss to a doctor thousands of miles away to make sure you have enough water in your system seems a bit much. This is coming from a guy that won three majors when he wasn't submitting pee samples to anyone, and has struggled in clutch situations the last year and a half (I blame his pee).

The good news? At least he isn't going Moises Alou on us all and washing his hands with the remaining pee. I'm sure at some point a golfer will do this and quote "better feel" to the urine cleansing.

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Jim said...

That photo is the perfect compliment to that headline. Hilarious.

Jim Dauer