Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sergio Garcia Said He Might Decline Ryder Cup Invite

If there is ever a sign that Sergio Garcia lives in a fantasy world, it is the this. Sergio, who hasn't had a win on the PGA Tour or European Tour since 2008, said he isn't that interested in playing on the Ryder Cup team, meaning he actually thinks someone would pick him to play on the European Ryder Cup team.

Apparently, Sergio hopes that Colin Montgomerie has been in a coma since 2008.

After Garcia missed yet another cut at the BMW Invitational, his manager told The Daily Mail that even if he got invited to play, he might decline the invite because he isn't enjoying golf right now, making him the 10,000,000 straight person to not like playing shitty.

Garcia manager Carlos Rodrigues said: 'He isn't enjoying his golf at all. He has even said that if Colin Montgomerie were willing to offer him a wild card he's not sure he would be of any help to the European team.'

Hey Sergio, there are things you need to worry yourself with, and things you don't. I don't lose sleeper worrying about snipers taking me out, or if Megan Fox is going to give me a VD, or how I'll fare in the Masters next year, because those things aren't realistic worries. Worrying about playing on this Ryder Cup team, especially with the way all these other Europeans are playing, just isn't something that Garcia should be losing sleep over.

Now, about that putting stroke ...

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