Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tiger and Stevie Don't Like Each Other!

Anyone will agree that when things start to go bad, the easiest thing is to blame over the people. Cue Tiger Woods, who seems to be doing a little of that with longtime caddie Steve Williams.

Williams, who has been around since 1999 with Woods, is always a vocal person on the golf course, but is extremely quiet when it comes to anything critical about Woods (Note: Who would blame him? He's got one of the best jobs in the world). Tiger on the other hand has said some things in the past about Williams, with one of the most critical coming at the Masters a few years back when Tiger was in contention and blamed Stevie for convincing him to hit driver off the third, when he smoked in the woods.

After the final round of the U.S. Open, it appeared Tiger is again a bit upset with the decision making of Williams, namely his second shot into the 10th hole.

"Stevie said take dead aim right at it, and in my heart I said 'no'. There was no chance, I have a sand wedge in my hand, and I can't play at that flag. You land the ball on the green, it will go past the flags."

That wasn't it. Tiger went on to talk about another club decision, and while he didn't call out Williams this time, he did us the royal "we" that was basically, "him."

"I hit the wrong club on 12," he added. "My instincts were telling me to hit a 5, play it to the right, just draw it in there, and we thought 4 would be better, hold it up against the wind and I made just an awful swing."

Listen, the caddie is there to do a ton of things, but at the end of the day, it is the golfer's decision and his execution that makes up a golf shot. If you are sitting there coming up with reasons why the decisions weren't spot-on, you probably aren't totally accepting the fact that you golf swing isn't there.

is it just me, or is Tiger Woods starting to act like one of those actresses that are impossible to work with?

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AJ said...

Yes, he needs to stop sucking so much as a human or I'll have to quit rooting for him entirely.

[konoimo] >-< said...

I think people are just blowing ALL Tiger's comments out of proportion because the press loves to overstate his drama. Reading too far into Tiger's comments. I really think that Tiger was just being transparent and telling us what happened, and not really placing blame on Steve.

When Tiger complained about the horrible greens the press reacted heavily. But when other unimportant players react, it aint no thing.

mikisaiah1100 said...

Tiger is a big waste of man. Just another role model who has let his fans down. Just another would be hero who couldn't keep his thing in his pants. Stop crying Tiger, man up and if you disagree with your caddie on a shot, make up your own mind.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, correctly.

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